So How About that Pacific Rim Trailer?


This has been quite a week for trailers from After Earth to Man of Steel to now Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. It marks the long awaited return of the Hellboy/Pan’s Labyrinth director and finally we get to see behind the curtain of his latest.

Annnnd it’s giant robots fighting giant monsters. It’s Del Toro’s way of updating the classic mega-monster movie, something started by King Kong and Godzilla. Creatures invade, and we have to build giant mechs to beat them to death. So really, it’s a bit like Power Rangers as well, with a pinch of Transformers and The Mist for good measure.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation as to why the best way to fight these monsters is to rocket punch them in the face with giant robots as opposed to you know, shooting giant missiles at them, but it seems a bit weird now. Also strange is that in an apparent homage to GLaDOS, they straight up just stole and used her voice verbatim as the AI in the movie.

I don’t know. If this was presented as a movie from someone OTHER than Del Toro, I think we’d all be making fun of it, but since it is him, we should probably just trust the monster master to do his work.

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  1. They’re using GLaDOS as their AI?!

    I hope they’ve not given her access to the deadly neurotoxin supply. Otherwise I think I can guess what the third-act twist will be!

  2. He didn’t steal the voice of GlaDOS, Del Toro actually asked permission from valve and then hired the same voice actress to do all the lines for the robots computer.

  3. I thought the same thing of the trailer, if this was a Micheal Bay film we would all be hating it. I guess it just goes to show how much faith in Del Toro we all have.

    The cast for this movie has me pretty pumped. Charlie Day is in this too and I hope to see a trailer with him in it soon.

  4. I’m excited. I’m excited because it’s a god damn giant robot vs giant monster action movie that isn’t ironic. Because really, why does an awesome idea like this have to be “ironic” nowadays for someone to take it seriously?

    Yes, I know that Michael Bay has tried that with the Transformers movies and they sucked balls, and it was tried with Cowboys vs. Aliens leading to mixed results, but look how well it worked with The Avengers? There is no reason why that movie should have worked…but it did…and it’s because it had a good cast, good script and a good director to pull it all together.

    Not every action movie has to be grounded, gritty and uber-realistic OR tongue-in-cheek, trying too hard to be ironic in order to be good. Let’s just watch some bad ass robots duke it out with some huge scary ass monsters on the big screen and stop thinking about it for a while.

  5. I did chuckle at ‘portal between dimensions’ line. Im not sure why.

    I didnt get a great vibe from this trailer even though a) I loved Robot Jox and b) giant robots smashing shit up is up their on my list of favourite things next to BBQ chicken wings.

    Del Toro better bring it, I cant handle much more dissapointment.

  6. I got Battleship vibes from the trailer. But still I have my expectations high. Btw, if you embed Youtube videos, please make it in a way that we have a fullscreen button, pretty please.

  7. Trailer looks cool but it is a pet peeve of mine when they show modern aircraft behaving so unrealistically. There is no reason whatsoever that a F22 or even a helicopter (as seen in other movies) needs to get close enough for a giant monster to swipe them. None, whatsoever, even if they were out of missiles. Doesn’t change the fact that this trailer looks awesome though. First I’ve heard of this movie but I’m very very intrigued, giant robots are always fun.

  8. This is going to be another of those movies that separates the old school geeks from the bandwagon hitchers trying too hard to like what other people like. If you saw this trailer and your heart didn’t race with excitement and/or the word “Evangelion” didn’t occur to you at any point ,you are probably the latter. Also, Morales, the planes and choppers have to fly that close to the monster so they can be smacked down, otherwise we’d never see them get smacked down. I’m willing to spit in realism’s face to see that happen, giant monsters and mecha aside.

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