Here’s How You Get Much Better at Cookie Clicker

If you’re new to Cookie Clicker or you’re having trouble getting the hang of it, you could probably use a few tips to help you dump the frustration. It’s one of those amazing browser games that is so addictive that you can waste hours of your time stuck in one place. While the premise of clicking a giant cookie to make several more cookies is simple, this is where easy ends. The highly addictive game is far from easy so we’ve put together a list of 10 ways that you can get better at Cookie Click.

1. If you’ve discovered what Milk is, then gather a bunch of them.

In case you don’t know how they’re unlocked when you gain achievements so make sure that you click on the Stat button and gather up a bunch of them.

2. Keep the Cookie Clicker game up in a visible tab on your computer when you’re doing other things so you can monitor your cookie counter.

Check back frequently so you can adjust and buy what you need to.

3. If you’re just starting here’s a useful tip that you need to know.

Early upgrades for the game can double the output of the grannies. You can mass produce them cheaply so grannies are something that you want to put a lot of stock in.

4. Be frugal and save up until you can get a minimum of one of every new tech that is available.

Take the time to upgrade and amass the older tech. After you get the cookie portal you’re in good shape for buying all the earlier upgrades which will help you at mid game.

5. Plan your strategy early in the game

And then build your tech towards that goal and you’ll be able to reach it a lot faster.

6. Make a choice between productivity or clicking

This is important because if you plan on letting Cookie Clicker run on the side more than clicking a lot, you will need to tech towards productivity. If you prefer a whole lot of clicking then you should build your tech towards clicking. You can actually do both as you progress to a later stage of the game. You’ll be able to increase your click activity by .01 through each non-cursor upgrade and you’ll notice the big improvement in clicking.

7. Save extra cursors until you’re later in the game

Extra cursors won’t do you a lot of good until you’ve progressed later in the game. The extra cursor upgrade won’t max out when it hits 50 and circles around the big cookie. It begins another wrap around the outside. Extra cursors are really good after you achieve a high click per second. It’s mostly about knowing when certain upgrades will work the best for you.

8. Buy 2 grandmas when you have 800 cookies.

They will make 10 cookies a second each so you’ll be making a total of 20 cookies per second. Bear in mind that the grandmas will take 40 seconds to pay off the initial investment.

9. Buy a farm for 1,000 cookies and it will make 28 cookies per second.

When you buy a farm it takes 36 seconds to pay off the initial investment. The farm is only a little better than the grandma when it comes to the percentage yield that you make from your initial investment. The farm will make more cookies in the long-term. This is only one of the many strategies that you can use.

10. Build your strategy so it works best for you

The strategy that is best to use depends on how you choose to play. If you find that you leave the game running most often without doing a lot of clicking then the farm is the best long-term strategy. If you do a whole lot of clicking then the grandma will be the best option. It’s been proven that buying the higher level of upgrades isn’t the best solution when you’re early in the game. Buying new buildings is your best bet. Take your time and build up this base of buildings because it will be easier and more productive to upgrade them as you near the middle and late stages of the game. These are just a few tips to help you get better at playing Cookie Clicker.

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