Firefly Living On as a Comic: Here’s the Plot

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It’s become fairly obvious that even in this age of kickstarted Veronica Mars movies and Netflix resurrected Arrested Development, one beloved fan favorite isn’t going to be coming back, Firefly. It’s cast and creator are just too famous, and subsequently too busy to get the gang back together in any coherent manner. Try to work around this and you get Arrested Development season four where you’re lucky if two actors were even in the same room at the same time, or appeared in more than three episodes each.

But now, Firefly will live on in the form of a new Dark Horse comic. Here’s the story:

“It has been around nine months since the conclusion of “Serenity.” A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. The discovery that Mal and his crew shared with the ‘verse — that the inhabitants of the planet Miranda were killed or driven mad by an Alliance experiment — has opened some eyes and created some new allies, but it hasn’t deterred any of their pursuers. If anything, it has made them more relentless. Serenity is hiding out in lesser-known corners of the ‘verse, trying to keep a low profile. As you will see early on, that’s easier said than done. Mal and his crew will be forced to face their enemies head on — some familiar, some new…This comic is shaping up to be, in many ways, a departure from the sometimes light-hearted series.”

Also, Jayne is missing, River is slightly less crazy and Zoe is pregnant. I forgot that we’re actually living with the idea that Wash died. I thought we all just agreed that didn’t happen.

Is it cool for Firefly to live on as a comic, or should it just return as a TV show or not at all?

[via io9]

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  1. I support the idea of a comic revival. Maybe THIS will shut the Firefly fans up. The show was…okay. Fun, definitely worth watching once, and probably could have become truly great if it had been given more time to grow. It wasn’t worth the ongoing, decade-long mourning period though.

  2. Like EarthDragon I also am in favour of additional comics continuing the series. However, I’ll also have to assure him that it will do little to shut me up about the tragedy of the show being cancelled. That sir, is a lifelong injury that will never heal, and I intend to gripe to any and all who will listen to me until my dying day (and beyond if I figure out how to come back and haunt FOX executives).

  3. I’ve said this before and been royally flamed everywhere I’ve said it, but the whole fascination with this “program” called FIREFLY befuddles me. At best, it was mildly entertaining, but — like so many other shows that have come before and after it — it truly failed (on television) to engender a growing audience. (And, please, stop with the whole “that was Fox’s fault” garbage, people.) Kudos to its fans keeping it alive long enough to warrant a theatrical follow-up (that lost money) and kudos if they’ve had anything to do with getting it an ongoing comics series. That’s terrific. Hats off. All around.

    Other than being a novelty, I still don’t “get it.” I’m ok settling with “it just wasn’t my cup of tea,” but that never seems to sit well among the Browncoats.

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