Be a Real Life Pikachick

Ladies, now you don’t have to wait until Halloween to dress up as Pikachu. Thanks to Etsy seller Darling Amy, a dress exists that professes your love of the electric yellow Pokemon for ANY occasion.

I’m not a girl, but if I was, I would probably shell out $50 for this immediately. Hell, I still might. It’s that damn good. Sure, it breaks my rules about “covert nerd fashion” but your TORSO is a PIKACHU. How fantastic is that?

Anyway, if any female (or male for that matter) readers buy this, I promise you a fully featured post on the site if you send some pictures my way (

Update: This is actually an apron, which makes me sad. Just finish the back and make it a dress, Amy!

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  1. Is it a sign of a sick or healthy mind that I want to buy that and then make my husband rice balls and try to convince him that they’re donuts.

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