Street Fighter: After the Tournament

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Ever wonder what the cast of Street Fighter did after they were done beating the hell of each other? “Not particularly” you say? Well shut up, and enjoy this fantastic art series from Toratsuji.

He took a few of his favorite characters and set them a few years in the future. Some are still in top form, like the diamond-edged Cammy above, others…have let themselves go. Naturally, the American has gotten fat…

Check out the full collection below, and hopefully he extends the concept to the rest of the cast.

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  1. Collegehumor had an entire video series up on their website called Street Fighter: The Later Years in the same vein. It was pretty amusing, I suggest you check it out.

  2. So any American affiliated fighters got fat, became Chinese or Shadowloo agents, but non-Americans flourished or found peace? Got it. Hope the pretend world is as satisfying to you as the real world is.

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