Gravewood High is a Horror Indie Worth Checking Out

Gravewood High is a light-hearted horror survival game where a group of five students must escape a haunted high school before the ghosts can snag them. This is basically all the plot there is with this game, and it is all it needs. It plays generally like an asymmetrical horror game in many regards. Although it may not be as intense as Dead by Daylight, it still offers a romping good time for players that enjoy this genre. The kicker with this game is that it is procedurally generated. The entire map of the high school changes its entire layout with every playthrough. A crazy specter that used to be a teacher will hunt down players relentlessly and it won’t stop. On top of that, players can also backstab each other and leave each other to die, if they so chose. So, there are quite a few hazards in this game that players will need to juggle in order to escape and be triumphant.

An extra layer of fun that Gravewood High has is the fact that everything in the environment is destructible. Walls, furniture, and lockers can be demolished. Now, even though the multiplayer aspect of this game will entice many gamers, there is also a single-player adventure to try out. Generally, the single-player campaign will center on sneaking around corridors of the school and solving a variety of puzzles. Of course, players will need to be stealthy and not get noticed by the evil teacher, Mr. Hyde, while doing so. Things like unlocking gates, manipulating ventilation systems, and disabling traps will all be the standard pragmatic enigmas to solve. The single-player aspect of this game very much has an Alien: Isolation vibe to it. At least, in terms of trying to get to point-to-point without getting caught.

Ultimate Detention

Now, the destructible environments in Gravewood High aren’t there just for the spectacle, but it also comes with a strategic purpose. Players can use a tool, such as a hammer, and smash holes in floors and walls. Hence, this is a handy way to make escape routes while being pursued by Mr. Hyde. Thus, this gameplay element will also be an important element in solving the game’s various puzzles. Much like Hello Neighbor, this game is played from a first-person perspective. The students come with flashlights which will be needed to navigate the dimly lit hallways and find new secrets. Thus, using the same tactics to escape from Mr. Hyde will only last for so long. He comes with a special A.I. algorithm and it will adjust based on how the player goes about the match. Every match will be an organic experience where players will need to use their smarts and wits to avoid getting caught.

Gravewood High is all about stealth. The environments are layered in gloom, with flickering lights here and there to break up the murk. Mr. Hyde can pop up anywhere and he’s fairly efficient in sniffing players out. Throughout the course of each match, he slowly mutates into something more sinister. Along with it, his intelligence will grow and he will essentially be a more efficient hunter. Basically, he will know exactly where players are hiding throughout the remainder of the match. Additionally, he will also establish more elaborate traps, making the level more harrowing to traverse through. So, time is of the essence with this game. The longer a match goes on, the more difficult it will become. Therefore, this adds a little extra pressure to solving puzzles before they become nigh impossible to solve due to Mr. Hyde’s increasing powers.

Teacher’s Sweat

Now, with the multiplayer mode, there are special challenges that players will need to pass. Basically, these puzzles will consist of teamwork and carefully executed rhythms. Things like in-sync lighting patterns that can kill and vent systems that have buzzsaws in them. These types of puzzles are wholly unique to the multiplayer component of Gravewood High. Hence, it’s a very different experience. Also, let us not forget that the players can always turn on their allies on a whim. So, even a player’s own teammates can’t be trusted. This, in turn, creates a state of paranoia that isn’t really seen in most multiplayer games of this type. Needless to say, this game has a playground of terror that really comes in many forms. Not only is there a monster hunting people down, but also knowing that teammates can’t be trusted is a horror in itself.

This thing is that Gravewood High is a well-known title, by any means. However, it has been building up positive ratings from its player base since its initial release. On top of that, the developers are also taking the initiative to keep updating the game and help make it run more efficiently. The replayability with this game can also go on forever. The fact that both Mr. Hyde and the players can utterly destroy the hallways does give this game a little bit of an action-adventure flare to it. Of course, not without sacrificing the core of stealth mechanics that are the foundation of this entire experience. This title offers two different prongs of gameplay experiences. A tightly knit single-player adventure and tense multiplayer matches. Any player that enjoys checking out puzzle survival horror games might want to give this game a go.

High School Spooky

No doubt that Gravewood High will have some longevity to it. It was initially released almost a year ago, but it appears to be running strong and players might want to check it out. Right now, it is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s almost like a Scooby Doo charm to Gravewood High and, although it is not a gory game, it does have a creepiness factor to it. Lastly, there is also a “Complete Edition” of this game that is now available. It offers all DLC and a digital art book. In any case, anyone looking for a light-hearted ghostly adventure may want to take a look at this title this Halloween season.

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