God of War: Ragnarok: Where to Find the Best Armor Sets

God of War: Ragnarok is a natural continuation of its predecessor. Not only with its story but also with RPG mechanics. In this sequel, the flexibility of builds is much more immersive. One feature that has had a massive overhaul is the armor sets and how they suit a gamer’s way of fighting. Either with increasing damage in long-range projectiles, or making a more tanky build, there’s plenty of room to experiment on.

They can make all the difference in combat. Obtaining these types of attire is no easy feat and there are segments in the game that can be a gauntlet to get through. Whatever the case, the use of armor in this installment is much more nuanced and offers more than just different stats.

The RPG elements in God of War: Ragnarok is certainly more elaborate than its predecessor. Players are freer to mix and match with varying pieces of armor to customize Kratos to fit their needs. However, the following list will cover the full armor sets. These will buff particular offensive and defensive maneuvers for Kratos for his journey throughout the realms.

Best Armor Sets to Find

Berserker Armor:

There are 10 Berserker Gravestones to find in God of War: Ragnarok. This will be accessible after finishing the campaign. Luckily, in order to get the Berserker Armor Set, players will only find three of these gravestones. The kicker is, Kratos will use the Inert Hilt of Skofnung item in order to summon and engage with the Berserkers. This item will be found in the ‘Word of Fate’ quest. Avoid confusion on which gravestone to visit by following the three key locations to find the Berserker gear:

  • Lake of Nine in Midgard

Here is where players will find the Berserker Waist Guard. This specializes in buffing defensive moves. Most notably, the Soulless Rebuke Perk. Defensive moves will be buffed with this armor. Basically, blocking, parrying, and taking damage raises luck to a moderate level for a Soul Explosion to cause damage. Thus, also decreasing its cooldown time whenever activated.

  • Mist Fields in Niflheim

This area will hold the Berserker Gauntlets. These help with boosting strength and increasing damage resistance for Kratos. Thus, this gear also comes with the Soulless Assualt Perk, which basically decreases the luck of a Soul Explosion against enemies. Another factor is that the Soul Explosion will also decrease the cooldown of Kratos’ currently equipped relic.

  • Barrens in Alfheim

The Berserker Cuirass can be found in this area. This gear will boost all of the melee attacks for Kratos on a temporary basis after activating a relic. The Soulless Warrior Perk has the ability to let Kratos receive extra damage. So, players will need to be cautious and use this perk sparingly through the campaign in God of War: Ragnarok. 

Hunter’s Armor:

The Hunter’s Armor set specializes in long-raged attacks. Kratos will dish out considerable damage with his spear and other projectiles. First, complete the: In ‘Plain Sight,’ ‘Nocturnal Predator’ and ‘Untamed Fury’ missions. Complete the ‘Nocturnal Predator’ mission to access the ‘Scent of Survival’ mission. Completing this mission will open up a passageway to the crater located North in Vanaheim. Visiting Brok or Sindri will help Kratos craft them.

Dragon Scaled Armor:

Obtaining the Dragon Scaled Armor can be a bit of a chore. Players will need to scour the Crater in Vanaheim and slay either; dragons, drekis, and drakes. Killing them will yield varying pieces of dragon scales. The blacksmiths can craft them when ready. There is a total of 9 different hunts to partake in.

  • Dragon Scaled Girdle

Players will need to accumulate 10 dragon teeth for the crafting of this girdle. Shield damage will be increased and successful blocks and parries will harm enemies near Kratos.

  • Dragon Scaled Bracers

A total of 10 dragon teeth will need to be acquired to successfully make this gear. This will increase all damage that is dished out by the shield. Thus, every successful block and parry will damage enemies in close proximity.

  • Dragon Scaled Breastplate

Players will need to collect 1 dragon claw and 2 dragon teeth in order to make this. The breastplate comes with passive perks which entail stacking increases in Strength and Defense with every successful block or parry. Everything will reset whenever Kratos takes damage, however.

Guiding Light Armor:

The first thing players must do is complete the ‘Word of Fate’ side quest. Explore Midgard and find the pieces of Tyr’s statues hidden throughout the ‘Lake of Nine.’ There is a hidden Mystic Gateway slightly South of the ‘Shores of Nine.’ Interact with it and the message, “Defend The Peace” will appear. This will kick off this quest. The following is where to find the required three pieces of Guiding Light Armor:

  • Waist Guard Guiding Light 

This can be found slightly South at the ‘Shores of the Nine’ segment of the map. Look for dry branches barricading the way and ignite them. This will clear the way toward the statue, with the required item not far from it.

  • Breastplate of Guiding Light

Southwest of the ‘Raider Hideout’ within the ‘Lake of Nine’ area is a temple. In front of this temple is the helmet of Tyr that’s adjacent to a bonfire. Simply walk up to it and interact with it to dig up the Breastplate.

  • Gauntlets of Guiding Light

Tyr’s Left Bracers can be found over at the cross section between the ‘Lake of Nine’ and slightly North of the ‘Raider Fort.’ It will be next to the Mystic Gateway which will read, Defend The Peace.” This will be the first armor piece collected during this quest. Thus, Tyr’s Right Bracters are Northeast from this location. Find a fallen log with particualr markings on it and jump over it.

Lift up the rocks barricaded in the way and proceed into the bracer. Turn left and ignite the blue thorns to finally find the final armor piece. The Guiding Light Armor set will give Kratos a 8% chance to critictally strike enemies with melee attacks. Also, creating an explosion that will damage enemies, as well. Which, will come in handy during the latter missions in God of War: Ragnarok.

Steinbjorn Armor:

First thing, players must have the Draupnir Spear. Obtain this by playing the story. The frozen lake in Midgard will have a golden block of ice at the South of it. The ice can be detnoted by using the spear. Here is where Kratos will find a mystical heirloom. With this heirloom, Kratos can summon Trolls each located at their respective statues scattered throughout the map. Killing all 4 Trolls will give Kratos the required Slumber Stones.

  • Troll Statue One

Within Alfheim, head over to the ‘Forbidden Sands’ to find the statue.

  • Troll Statue Two

Over at Vanaheim, within Noatun’s Garden, there will be two Troll statues sitting next to each other. Go to the area during the day by boat and use the Celesrail Altars to change time, if required.

  • Troll Statue Three

This will be the statue right next to Troll Statue Two, as noted above.

  • Troll Statue Four 

This statue will probably the most accessible. It is located within Midgard, at the Derelict Outpost.

Take all 4 Slumber Stones to the blacksmiths. This armor set comes with the ‘Stunning Retaliation’ Perk, which increases luck with enemies becoming staggered or stunned while taking damage. Even though all of these armor sets come with their own benefits for Kratos, players don’t need to commit to just one set. Be sure to mix up the various gauntlets, breastplates and guards to help find the most effective build to suit a players’ style. This is part of the fun with God of War: Ragnarok and players worldwide are taking full advantage of this.

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