Gaiden Event to Bring Anime to Apex Legends

Apex Legends Gaiden Event anime

“Apex Legends” has never been a game flooded with limited modes or constant content updates outside of the usual seasonal update with one or two time-limited modes and a few smaller events that reward cosmetic items just for playing. However, the most recent seasons of “Apex Legends”, including the current season, have been getting a new event every other week it seems. Although “Apex Legends” just wrapped up their Summer Sundown Event, which itself followed the Awakening Event just before it, which also brought Control back to the battle royale title as well. Now “Apex Legends” has announced their next event, the Gaiden Event which will bring several different anime-themed “Apex Legends” skins and other cosmetics to the game. Below, we’ve gone into detail on “Apex Legends”, the most recent events, and of course possibly their most anticipated event yet with the Gaiden Event, which has been confirmed to bring anime to “Apex Legends”.

Apex Legends

“Apex Legends” has been one of the most popular and most competitive battle royale games since its release, and with 12 seasons behind it and a mobile title in its second official season, the game likely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Like most battle royale, “Apex Legends” separates itself from its competition by providing the type of game, and gameplay, that’s a mashup of the battle royale genre and the hero shooter genre. Being a hero shooter, “Apex Legends” provides players with one of several Legends to choose from to play as, with a new Legend release every season along with an accompanying story that’s updated for the first few weeks of the season. Although “Apex Legends” events don’t bring anything outside of cosmetics, the rarest of items across the entire cosmetic range for “Apex Legends” are Heirlooms. Recently, “Apex Legends” has been releasing events tied to various Legends and their Heirlooms. Heirlooms are extremely unique skinned items typically already held by a Legend but are given an additional look as an Heirloom.

Apex Legends Events

Events in “Apex Legends” are a mixed bag between new and returning events but there’s almost always a fresh take on an event when it does re-launch. However received previous “Apex Legends” events have been in the past, it already appeared as if the upcoming Gaiden Event will bring “Apex Legends” and some of the most popular current anime franchises together in a pretty unique way.

Gaiden Event to Bring Anime to Apex Legends

While most collaborations in video games are pretty direct references to at least one of the brands or franchises, or a carbon copy just placed in a new environment, just the upcoming “Apex Legends” Gaiden Event will bring anime to Apex Legends in a very “Apex Legends” way. The cosmetics associated with the “Apex Legends” Gaiden Event are more heavily inspired by the original pieces of work versus being a copy of any sort of them.

Before we dive into the 40 cosmetics that will arrive in Apex Legends with the Gaiden Event, it should also be noted that the developers of EA have outdone themselves with a little extra for those that use VTuber Avatars as Octane, Mirage, and Bangalore’s Gaiden Event skins will also be available as VTuber Avatars, available now. Alongside the launch of the “Apex Legends” Gaiden Event, an older, fan-favorite time-limited mode will return as well, Armed and Dangerous. Armed and Dangerous isolates the loot pool found throughout the map to only shotguns and snipers, and with loot overall being harder to come by. The return of the truly dangerous limited-time mode will rotate between the Olympus, World’s Edge, and Storm Point maps.

As if the “Apex Legends” Gaiden Event couldn’t get any more stacked, there will also be the opportunity for players to complete two flash event challenge tracks during the event, in order to unlock cosmetics, one Apex Pack, and one Gaiden Event Apex Pack. The first flash event challenge track will run the first half of the event, from July 19th to July 26th, and the second flash event challenge track will run from July 26th to August 2nd. As stated above, there will be 40 new cosmetics released during the “Apex Legends” Gaiden Event, but as with other “Apex Legends” Events, in order to collect the top-tier cosmetic from the “Apex Legends” Gaiden Event players must collect all 40 items from the Gaiden Event cosmetic pool.

The so-called top-tier skin will be the newest Prestige skin added to “Apex Legends” with Bangalor’s Apex Commander Mythic skin. The unique Presitge skin will start at tier 1, with the next 2 tiers unlocked following the completion of the related challenges, and once all three are unlocked players can choose between the three options for their visual appearance.

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