For the Sake of Awesome: Original 1979 Pacman Drawings

Toru Iwatani, who developed the Pac-Man game for Namco brought his original 1979 Pac-Man drawings with him to the Festival of Games in Utrecht, Netherlands.

It’s not like I really care about developmental drawings for games but when it’s something this historical it’s kind of cool to have the pictures to show to you guys.

It’s almost like the secret formula to Coca Cola or something….

Click to Enlarge the photos

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  1. What’s really cool about this is that old-school software development really did require devs to be creative, skilled, and clever to get the limited hardware to do what they wanted (or more accurately to get as close as possible to what they wanted).

    Today’s devs are really lazy with the drag-n-drop programming, vastly immense storage, and super-fast hardware. I remember a time not long ago when games were tiny and fast yet looked and sounded great. Today’s games look and sound little better (say 2x better) yet take up much more space (say 1,000x-10,000x more), and run slower (or require hardware that is 1,000x faster).

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