The Five Funniest Supporting Role Guys in Movies Today

Hot Rod

I don’t know about you guys but I just don’t think movies are funny anymore.   Honestly I can’t remember the last time I saw a great comedy in the movie theaters.  Personally I think the best comedy in the last 3 years has got to be Hot Rod (2007).  Many of you may not agree with this but seriously guys, comedies blow (eh Knocked up came out in 2007 as well and that was good).

Whatever happened to the Billy Madison’s of the world?  They just don’t make ’em like that anymore.  And when was the last good Apatow or Todd Phillips movie?  I don’t know guys.  I’m not so bullish these days.

But the one saving grace has been the supporting actors of this generation.  Some of these dudes seriously kick ass.  And there are five supporting actors who I think are worthy of this list….

Will Arnett


I regret only having my first Will Arnett experience after seeing him on “30 Rock.”  I mean I don’t regret it in the sense that he’s amazing but the fact I didn’t see him on Arrested Development still pains me to this day.  And in movies?  Good Lord he’s hilarious in Hot Rod, not to mention The Rocker.   He’s an incredible yeller, has great sarcastic tendencies and just has this voice that’s piercing to the point of humility.  Good news is that he’s got a bunch of movies coming up and I’m excited to see him in all of them.

Danny McBride


I think McBride might be my favorite guy on this list.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone where I thought they were hilarious in every single movie they were in.   I mean McBride was even funny in Land of the Lost and clearly that’s one of the worst movies all of time.  The only phrase I can think of that sums up McBride is “guy’s guy.”  He’s not particularly handsome and every single way about him is funny.  From his yells to his mannerisms you can tell he’d be an awesome guy to party with.

Bill Hader


Is it a surprise that I hijacked the first three names from the movie Hot Rod?  No.   But Hader has had his fair share of supporting roles and I think he’s nailed them all.  It’s weird because I almost thought he wasn’t all that funny at one point but him in movies is way better than him on SNL.  The guy nailed his role in Superbad and was about the only bright thing to come out of the movie Adventureland.  I think Hader is awesome.

Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson

He had me at “I would tear that ass up” in Knocked Up.  And let’s not forget his sensitive gangster character in Pineapple Express.  Robinson is hilarious and I’m excited to see him in more movies.

Jonah Hill


Some may argue that Hill is a starring role guy but honestly the only real starring role he had was in Superbad.  Put it this way, he’s MUCH better as a supporting actor who has his little moments, like the dude he played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.   And please let’s not forget how awesome he was as Sherman Schrater in Accepted.

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  1. Keep an eye out for Ken Jeong. He was in the Hangover (Asian Mafia leader), and has a recurring role on the TV show “Community”. Guy always cracks me up.

  2. you also failed to mention that craig robinson is the one and ONLY funny thing in that terrible crapfest Miss March

    but yeah a near perfect list of supporting actors…the only people i would add is ken jeong who is awesome in everything he does, Ed Helms who is hilarious and Zach Galifinakis who can do no wrong. These three were the only good thing about the insanely overrated the hangover. A comedy i feel they forgot to add the FUNNY to.

  3. @ moe

    It’s not a real strong argument against The Hangover when you state that two of the three main actors were the only good things about the movie.

    Ken Jeong is hilarious, though – loved him in Role Models.

  4. I agree with Ken Jeong. He is freaking great in Knocked Up, Role Models, AND The Hangover.

    I agree with this list pretty thoroughly though, I especially love Craig Robinson in the Office.

    and talking about how you haven’t seen too many good comedies, I think that’s directly related to the fact that movies seem to be going downhill these days while TV shows are getting better than ever.

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