15 Movies that Can Also Be Watched Backwards


I’m a frequent purveyor of the social media site Reddit and one day, while browsing, I stumbled upon a spectacular thread that was all started by the sentence above. Hundreds of users began spouting off movies that could also be watched backwards, and they came up with some pretty excellent results. I decided to make a little art project out of it to share with you all; it’s nothing much, but it’s better than posting 15 lines of flat text. I even threw one of my own in there.

Hit the jump and check out the rest, and feel free to shout out your own.














And my own entry:


Thanks Redditors. Your guys’ turn.

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  1. If you watch The Shining backwards, its about an psychotic man who unfreezes, regains his sanity, and becomes a loving husband and father for a single mother and her son.

  2. if you watch blades of glory backwards it’s about the tragic break up of two best friends to the point where they become enemies in men’s figure skating

  3. If you watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail backwards, it’s about a bunch of knights who are released by the police, only to go on ridiculous journeys involving throwing animals at the French, regenerating limbs and wedding guests and knights screaming “in” donating shrubberies to the public; they then proceed to get split up, forgetting everything they ever knew about swallows.

    If you watch The Conversation backwards, it’s about a guy who gets cured of paranoia by playing saxophone and eavesdropping.

  4. If you watch any M. Night. Shyamalan movie bacwards, it’s about people doing a shocking discovery in the first five minutes, while the rest of the movie is reduced a redundant backwards plot with people gaining information and a clearer view on their situation until the movie ends.

    If you watch The fountain bacwards, it’s about a schizophrenic guy descending in a soap bubble from the ass of infinity to save his wife from cancer so he can get rid of the Conquistador and the Buddha in his head that are making his life a living hell.

    if you watch Donnie Darko backwards, he gets crushed by a jet engine and there is no need for the rest of the movie.


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  6. If you watch Weekend at Bernie’s backwards it’s about a pair of buddies who try to fake that their dead boss isn’t alive, panic as it becomes increasingly difficult to pull off, and then find themselves relieved to see he’s come back to life

  7. if you watched indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull backwards, a space ship lands killing a small russian army and indy takes the magical crystal skull on a journey through the jungle so he can return it to its rightful place in a new mexico warehouse after which he returns to his peacable job in a university

  8. If you watch Human Traffic backwards you’ll see a group of friends in a drugged and drunk state slowing getting sober until they spit out alcohol from their mouths and shoot out white power from their nose onto a mirror and then are completely sober, then they settle down and get jobs that they hate. Oh and one or two people might get their virginity back lol 🙂

  9. If you watch Gone in 60 seconds backward, it’s about a man working for a car import company, delivering cars from a ship to customers together with his friends, then the split up and he start traning kids the fine art of reversing a gocart around a small race track.

  10. If you watch the movie Oceans Eleven backwards it’s about 11 guys depositing a lot of money into a casino directly in the beginning of the movie. After the deposit they plan how they deposited the money.

    Also George Clooney struggles to get his girlfriend together with Andy Garcia.

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  12. if you watch cast away backwards its about a guy who leaves a girl to fly a plane to a boat and take that boat to an island, where a volleyball swims up to him and becomes his bestfriend, he stays on said island for 4 years until he puts his cloths back on, gets fatter, and swims back out into the ocean to rebuild a plane with his mind powers and go back to memphis.

  13. if you watch Awakenings backwards it’s about a ward full of comatose patients that wake up for a short while and then slip back into a coma.

  14. If you watch Citizen Kane backwards, it’s about a sled that finds its way back to its owner and takes the credit from a broken snow globe for resurrecting him as an old man.

  15. If you watch Taxi Driver backwards, a guy goes to sleep and wakes up crazy. He turns a girl into a prostitute, gives up his stash of weapons, quits a political campaign, and makes plans to go to Vietnam. (He’s so excited he can’t sleep.)

  16. if you watch all six seasons of lost backwards, its about a bunch of people who all meet at a church, teleport to an island, go back and forth through time, a bunch of Women have reverse labour, and then they all figure out how to fly, and make an airplane in the sky that flies backwards and then find themselves living normal shitty lives.

  17. I’m sorry but, am I the only one who thinks this should’ve been put to rest after the Jaws scenario? I mean, most of these really aren’t very creative. I like the Pretty Woman one, though.

  18. If you watch Panic Room backwards, a family attack two men, who take it as an insult and lock the mother and daughter in a room until they get bored and go home.

  19. If you watch the movie “Gremlins” backwards, it’s about some really evil creatures that turn friendly after they vomit. Then they become one as they get dry.

    And if you watch “Snowwhite” backwards, it’s about this girl that falls asleep because she was kissed by a prince. After she awakens she’s so hungry, she eats an apple. Then she’s leaving the guys she’s living with to move back to her stepmom.

  20. If you watch The Karate Kid backwards, it’s about a teenage karate champion who gets his title taken away and slowly becomes a loser until he moves to New Jersey.

  21. If you watch Speed backwards, it’s about a bunch of panicking people jumping into a bus reversing, with a man on the phone giving them directions on how to go slower than 50 mph and saves their lives.

  22. if you watch Lord Of War backwards, Nick Cage divorces a famous model, then walks through Africa collecting healing vacuums until he ends up in little Odessa where he completes his final purchase of an uzi which he hides in a camcorder case, then drinks with his brother to celebrate.

  23. If you watch Harry Potter backwards, it’s about a teenager who finds out he’s not a wizard, becomes depressed and locks himself under the stairs

  24. If you watch “126 hours” backwards its about a disabled man who finds and arm in the desert and attaches it and discovers a love of biking

  25. If you watch “2001: a space oddysey” backwards, it’s about a guy who travels from beyond the stars to earth, by way of Jupiter and the moon, and then his spaceship turns into an animal bone.

  26. If you watch the Human Centipede backwards, it’s about a heroic doctor who finds 3 people in forest who someone savagely sewn together, he then rescues them and lests them go home.

  27. If you watch “A beautiful mind” backwards it’s about a guy who fails to ignore his schitzofrenia (I don’t know how to spell it) and gets so used to it that he finally forgets he’s even got it, and ends up living happily among his hallucinations. Also, he gets a divorce somewhere along the way.

  28. If you watch The Sound of Music backwards, it’s a story about a woman who’s so sick of her kids, she divorces her husband and runs away to become a nun.

    If you watch Titanic backwards, the first half is fun, and the story gets depressingly boring in the second half.

    If you watch Twilight.. Wait.. why the hell would you be watching Twilight anyway?

  29. if you watch my life backwards, it’s about an insane but brilliant dirty old man; who raises many people from the dead by vigilant prayer; and becomes a brilliant but insane dirty minded little baby and shrinks, then stuffs himself in a hot woman’s uterus; but then some crazy young dude who looks rather like the protagonist as a young man comes along and rescues him with his magical meat wand and stuffs him into his balls, later to disappear at a boardwalk at the beach in connecticut, never to be seen again. (in the story going forwards in time, my mother insisted for decades ‘perverts hang out under the boardwalk’ but it took me quite another decade or two to realize that is where she met my dad.) what a cool thread, thanks for this, i got some great laughs!!

  30. If you watch “What’s Love Got To do with it” backwards it’s about Tina Turner being a superstar, marries Ike Turner and gets the shit beat out of her for 16 years until she is divorced, broke and penniless.

  31. if you read this page backwards you see 10 comments about cinderella learning her place, and half a dozen semi funny ideas before finally seeing a bunch of posters for which all of the funny ones seemed to have been saved.

  32. If you watch Legally Blonde backwards, it’s about a lawyer who decides to give up her job, and lives off Daddy’s money for the rest of her life.

  33. If you watch Human Centipede backwards, it’s about a German guy finding three people sewed together in his basement, then helping them out by disconnecting them and sending them back home.

  34. If you watch Amistad backwards its about prisoners being forcibly shipped to Africa (where even more people are fished out of the ocean).

    If you watch Breaking Dawn backwards, it’s about a knocked up anemic white chick with no powers, who loses her baby when she has sex with Cedric Diggory… so they have to get married.

  35. If you watch Inception backwards, it’s about a man having these crazy dreams until he wakes up on the beach, only to realize it was one heck of a party.

  36. If You See Back To The Future Backwards You Will See Marty messing up and go reverse to 1985 and doc brown throwing fake to a gun and time machine reverse and marty goes home and go to doc brown’s house!!

  37. If you watch Toxic Avenger backwards it’s about a hideous yet admirable crime-fighter with a hot, blind girlfriend who revives a bunch of criminals then jumps into a drum of toxic waste to be transformed into a whiny wimp and get bullied by the people he revived.

  38. If you watch Spiderman 3 backwards you realize you can’t get back that hour and a half you wasted the first time by watching it backwards.

  39. If you watch godfather backwards it about a young don who brings his father back to crime whom he makes the don and he goes and joins the army.

    If you watch Forrest Gump backwardsit is a story of a man who leaves his wife and son and goes back and sits on a bench.

  40. Am I the only one here that doesn’t know how to watch movies backwards?
    I tried setting VLC’s playback speed to -1.00, but the didn’t work. It just played at normal speed.

  41. if you watch Aladdin backwards its about a prince married to a beautiful princess and they break up and he turns into a good guy and gives people stuff by putting it into there pockets

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