The Top Five Movies About Writers

A movie writer is probably the most important person in the entire movie making team. People think so, because, without them, there wouldn’t be a movie. Despite this fact, they are always in the background, and you only see them at the end of the movie when the credits are being shown. Hollywood has tried to make up for this by creating a number of movies about movie writers and writers, in general. Below is a list of the top 5 movies about writers that you would enjoy.

Finding Forrester (2000)

Finding Forester is among the few movies about writing that feature an African-American as a protagonist. The movie tells a story about Jamal Wallace played by Rob Brown who is an excellent basketball player but secretly a writing prodigy. Jamal’s path crosses with William Forrester’s, and a beautiful friendship is formed. William Forrester is a gone-to-seed writer who enjoys being secluded and staying on his own. However, when he meets Jamal, he remembers his passion for writing, and he is very excited to train the lad the art of great writing. What stands out about this movie is the fact that its most memorable scene is a writing scene where William Forrester is challenging Jamal to type in the typewriter. It is an excellent movie that gives you a different perspective on writing and shows you that black men can do other things than play basketball.

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

This film is an American comedy-drama movie that was released in the year 2006. This movie is a great demonstration of great story-telling and writing. The movie is about Harold Crick; a man who has a white-collar job and lives a perfectly normal and ordinary life. However, all these changes when he begins hearing an omniscient voice narrating the story of his life. At first, he thinks he imagines it, but he realizes that it is really happening when he can’t help but hear the voice. The situation becomes even worse when the narrator in his head, claims he will die. Harold has to come up with a plan to prevent his imminent death. Although the protagonist in this movie is not a writer, the story is related to writing since the narrator in the protagonist’s mind is narrating a written story. It is a great movie that will entertain you and make you laugh.

Deathtrap (1982)

Deathtrap is an amazing thriller movie about a playwright by the name Sidney Bruhl. Sidney’s writing business is doing okay when the movie starts. In fact, the movie starts with Sidney having completed a Broadway series. However, Sydney is in dire need of a big hit so that he can get his writing break. This happens when he receives a manuscript entitled Deathtrap from Clifford Anderson, one of his students. Sydney absolutely falls in love with the manuscript, and he is convinced that it is what he has been looking for. He goes to great lengths to make the manuscript work in his favor. This is an excellent movie to watch. It shows you the struggles that creative people go through to make it and remain relevant in their field of expertise. Apart from this, it keeps you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see what will happen next. If you love thriller movies, this should be among your top movies to watch.

Misery (1987)

It is only Stephen King who can make every writer question their writing dream. He managed to do this in the movie Misery. Most writers dream of having readers who enjoy their content because this is how they become relevant and gain fame. This case is not the one for Paul Sheldon, the movie protagonist. Paul would do anything in his power to get away from number one ‘fan’. It all starts out with Paul being stuck in his car after a terrible snowstorm accident. He is very relieved when he is saved by a professional nurse who goes by the name Annie Wilkes who is apparently his biggest fan. However, he comes to realize that Annie’s intentions are far from helpful. Annie ends up holding Paul Sheldon captive and tries to make him write his trilogy according to her preference and specifications by force. If Paul fails to follow her instructions, he endures various forms of punishment such as body mutilation and eating of rats. What makes this movie interesting is the fact that it does not give you the typical writer’s story. Unlike most writers, Paul Sheldon does not enjoy the luxury of a writer’s block because he literally has someone threatening to end his life if he doesn’t get creative. He is also forced to write what his number one fan wants which is not always the case. It is indeed a very interesting movie.

The Ghost Writer (2010)

Ghostwriting has to be the worst kind of writing. This is because the writer always has to stay in the background and they never get credit for their good work no matter what. However, the best thing about ghostwriting is the fact that writers often get very interesting and fulfilling tasks. This movie tells a story about a ghostwriter who is given the amazing task of writing the Prime Minister’s memoir. He is overjoyed upon getting this assignment; little does he know that the assignment might cost him his life.  As he delves into archives of history trying to uncover the Prime Minister’s history, he encounters numerous dark secrets. Among the secrets he uncovers is the tragic accident of his predecessor who got into the accident after linking the Prime Minister to the CIA.  He struggles with the decision of whether to uncover the truth and lose his life or remain silent and save his life. It is an interesting movie that makes you wonder what you would do in such a situation. Apart from this, it is a great movie for thriller movie fans.

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