5 Simple Reasons “The Social Network” is Going to Be Good

I think when I first  heard of The Social Network I was somewhat skeptical.  And it was mainly because I didn’t really know who was behind the movie or who was in the movie.  At first I thought it might be some half ass attempt at trying to make something cool.  Kind of like the Bill Gates movie with Anthony Michael Hall (which was decent but nothing to write home about).

However, when actually saw previews and did a little more research I became way more interested.  And now I’m actually pretty psyched to go see this flick.

Even if everyone said the movie was crap there are five very obvious reasons to see this movie…..

David Fincher

The direct of Seven and Fight Club?  Any questions here.  You don’t not see a David Fincher movie no matter what it looks like.   When I first saw the preview for this film (before I saw that it was a David Fincher movie) I was intrigued but not really wowed.  I figured I would go and see it but not necessarily be pumped.  Now that I know Fincher is behind it?  I wouldn’t even have to see the preview to know it will at least be interesting.

Aaron Sorkin

When you know a guy like Aaron Sorkin is writing something you watch it, period.  This is the guy that brought us The West Wing and you know he didn’t folly around with Facebook.    At the least we’re gonna see some great dialogue.

Jesse Eisenberg

Could you think of a better person to play Mark Zuckerberg than Jesse Eisenberg?  First of all they both have ‘berg in their last names which clearly isn’t a reason but Eisenberg is an awesome representative of the geeky, shy class of actors.  And he’s played roles like that his entire career.  This could really put him on the map.

Justin Timberlake

First of all I already think Timberlake is a very good actor.  I’m curious to see how he does here.  If Fincher sees something in him then I think this could catapult Timberlake into elite actor status.  Seriously, how friggin’ talented is this guy?

It’s Facebook – How Could it Not Be Good?

For the mere fact that it’s Facebook and Facebook hasn’t really had too many negatives (other than privacy issues), it’s kind of hard to go wrong here.  There could have been a 30 minute documentary on PBS about Facebook and I’d have watched it.


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