Five Mistakes Overwatch Needs to Correct ASAP

At the end of the year, when the ‘best of’ lists and compilation videos start to emerge, one title is going to dominate for gamers. Even though it has already celebrated its first birthday, a raft of updates, new content, and extra features have kept this release in the spotlight.

Yes, we’re talking about Overwatch; a game so absurdly thrilling that every match feels like a cinematic experience. It is fast-paced, frenetic, and filled with pure tactile joy. In fact, this multiplayer masterpiece is actively changing what it means to be a first person shooter.

On the other hand, few games are flawless, and there are some areas of Overwatch which could use a little tweaking. So today, we’re going to discuss some of these weaknesses and what could be done to make the title even more groundbreaking.

Making Bastion Far Too Strong

Essentially, Bastion is a mobile machine gun turret which has no trouble mowing down every other character in quick succession. He’s actually the moved loved and hated character in Overwatch all at the same time, which is quite a feat.

The problem with Bastion is that he’s just too strong. Playing against him feels like a futile exercise. Manning the beast is no better because there’s little skill involved in victory. You just spam the R2 button until everything around you is dead. Voila, Play of the Game. Again.

Respawning in Remote Spots

While it’s good not to be respawning right in the lap of your enemies, coming back from the dead on Overwatch can be a real slog. Usually, the safe zone is half a map away from the action. You’ve got to schlep back over there to jump into the game again.

Unfortunately, everybody but Lucio seems to move rather sluggishly. So, get used to spending half the match running back from respawn points. It’s a small detail, but it can take you out of the game and lessen the excitement somewhat (particularly if you’re a sore loser).

No Single Player Mode

This is one of the biggest gripes that players have with Overwatch. Then again, there are some who argue that a single player mode would defeat the purpose of the game and its original ethos. Most, however, get pretty frustrated at needing to be online all the time to play at all.

Yeah, it’s a little strange that Blizzard didn’t include any offline capabilities or features whatsoever. If your internet connection is a bit patchy, for example, the game might not even run properly. No internet, no Overwatch, because there is no single player or story mode.

Unsatisfying Player Matches

The next problem is not an easy one to solve because players seem to want the best of everything and that’s hard for developers. In other words, gamers started out asking for a skills-based matching system. This ensures that teams are put together according to ability.

So, high-level players don’t end up repeatedly dominating low-level ones, and less experienced players don’t hold advanced players back. Now though, high-level players are complaining that this gives them no opportunity for fun, relaxed battles. It’s wall to wall competition.

Limited Play Modes

Currently, Overwatch offers just two types of play. There is ‘Capture the Flag’ and ‘Protect the Payload,’ both of which are common to multiplayer games. That’s it though. Those are the only two options and, after a while, you start to wonder how long the fun can last.

Fortunately, Blizzard is really keen to expand upon the existing game modes and has announced plans to add more content. For now, fans will have to be content with switching between the two and hoping they don’t lose sparkle.


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