Everything Wrong with 12 Big Movies

hunger games

I’ve recently been turned on to a new YouTube series which points out mistakes, errors, critiques, nitpicks and plot holes of major movies over the past few years. If it’s a movie you hate, you’ll probably love it, but if it’s one you like, you may get offended at the level of nitpickiness which is admittedly pretty severe.

Depending on how much is wrong, the videos from Cinema Sins can be three to eight minutes long. Most of the biggest blockbusters of the past few years are covered (Dark Knight Rises, Avengers, Avatar) but so are a few choice picks like The Room.


1. Everything Wrong with Battleship


2. Everything Wrong with Twilight


3. Everything Wrong with Skyfall


4. Everything Wrong with The Dark Knight Rises


5. Everything Wrong with The Avengers


6. Everything Wrong with The Amazing Spider-Man


7. Everything Wrong with The Hunger Games


8. Everything Wrong with Avatar


9. Everything Wrong with Inception


10. Everything Wrong with The Last Airbender


11. Everything Wrong with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


12. Everything Wrong with the Room

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  1. I’m sorely tempted to go off into a big ole comment about why this sort of thing drives me up the wall, but I’ll save that for later and instead simply say that the Avatar one didn’t deliver a single credible criticism until point 14… and I’m not even a big fan of that movie.

    Sorry, I’m really not trying to spoil anybody’s fun. Well, maybe a little bit, but in fairness that’s exactly what this series is trying to do, too.

  2. I recently saw some of these as well, but I hate the inconsistency. Sometimes they make good points, other times the points make no sense. Either make it serious, be witty or make it totally about the humor, but this weird mix fails. “Adele” being a negative point is just bullshit, and there are many examples like that. I don’t see how someone gets “offended” by these though unless you’ve made the movie.

  3. Yea its funny when the nit picks are wrong or they skip over some really obvious ones. like DaveyJ1 said the inconsistancy kills the overall effect they are going for. i could really get behind something like this but. not these.

  4. One of the best in the series, covering the film Looper, has been left off the list. That one actually has many credible mistakes pointed out in it. That film’s premise was rubbish and the Movie Sins guy justifiably rips it to shreds.

  5. Oh I shouldnt have laughed at the Rhianna beating jokes. But I did.

    I do agree with what a previous poster said, sometimes the ‘things wrong’ dont actually seem to be things wrong as such.

  6. I completely forgot that “The Last Airbender” was considered a ‘big’ movie. The character is pretty fantastic, with lots of interesting characters and plot development.

  7. I thought the top was Mal’s totem. I read somewhere but never verified that Cobb’s wedding ring was his totem. He is wearing it in the dream but not in real life (or something like that).

  8. Inception: They are just looking for things to pick at. They need to do their research, then they would know that Cobb and Saito are different ages in Limbo because seconds in the previous level make that type of difference.

    If you’re going to critique something, do it right.

  9. The Dark Knight Rises, finally ripped like it deserves.

    “This is a pussy in a Batman suit.”

    Twenty years from now, the deplorable Schumacher entries will at least be noted for their camp appeal, while TDKR will remain merely stupid.

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