10 Hilarious Zach Galifianakis Clips


Before The Hangover – which I thought was hilarious – the only thing I had ever seen Zach Galifianakis in was the Fiona Apple video for “Not About Love.”  Even in that, he was pretty funny.  It turns out that, unbeknown to me, Zach’s been around for a while, doing quirky, funny stuff this whole time. 

Regardless, I thought he was incredible in The Hangover and it’s only a matter of time before he starts appearing in prominent comedic roles.  Only time will tell whether his act will wear thin and he’s despised like, say, Jack Black.  But for now, he’s cracking me up, and I hope he’s entertaining you as well.  After the jump, enjoy 10 hilarious Zach Galifianakis clips.

Zach talking to a bunch of preschoolers

Zach berating an audience member


Zach on physical comedy

Zach calls out an audience member


Zach doing some characters




Interviewing Bradley Cooper on Late World

Can’t Tell Me Nothing


On Jimmy Kimmel


The gay snake


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  1. how about some stuff from out cold? like the scene where he dances to sir mix-a-lot’s “i like big butts,” or when he passes out and wakes up in the spinning car? that movie was hilarious and i think some of that stuff should have been on here.

  2. it’s about time you jumped on the bandwagon… where have you been for the past 10 years? he had small parts in Bubble Boy and Heartbreakers and had his own show on VH1.

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