That Guy Actor of the Week: Tobin Bell

For all you younger generations of people out there, you know him as Jigsaw, but Tobin Bell has been around for quite some time.   He first freaked me out the movie In the Line of Fire but Bell’s been around a lot longer than that.   Granted that was the first time I saw him.  Then he just started popping up for me.

In particular he was Bob from Bleeker Bob’s Records in a Seinfeld episode.   He was a freaky contract killer in The Firm.  But the funniest appearance has got to be him playing a waiter in Tootsie!  His first movie appearance.

Bell’s gotten some steady work as the Saw series has been very successful.  I just wanted to give him a shout out as most people still don’t even know his name.

A clip of bell after the jump


“I’ll give you five bucks.”

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