Die By The Blade is a Realistic Samurai PvP Game Coming Soon

Die By The Blade is a new competitive fighting game that takes things to the extreme. There is no health meter of any kind in this title. Therefore, whenever players duel, it only takes one hit before the opponent goes down. This can happen in a flash and players will need razor shape reflexes to win a match. As far as realism goes, this is about as accurate as it can get. This game is set within a futuristic neon samurai world. Players will pick from an assortment of different warriors, each with their own weapons and move set. Every character comes with the core set of parrying, blocking, countering, and grapples. This PvP game can be played either offline or online. Given the realistic nature of the fighting mechanics, players must master the art of avoiding blows. Of course, this is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

With the different characters available, it appears that weapons can be switched out. Spears, katanas, clubs, and axes are all available. Now, the kicker is that a player’s move set will operate very specifically depending on which weapon is being brandished. Hence, this game isn’t about mastering the characters, per se. Rather, is more about being adept with the weapons themselves. Die By The Blade will be a game that will come with many nuances when it comes to close-quarter combat. This fighting game essentially strips down all the junk that other titles of its kind have. It focuses on just raw talent on how to yield a particular weapon. Another layer this game has will be a single-player campaign. Therefore, there is a little bit of a quest to partake in to help hone one’s skills. Not to mention assist in unlocking special gear, customizable items, and the like.

Slice of Life

The overall theme of this game is known as “Samurai Punk.” It is kind of like Cyber Punk and Eastern influences mixed into one motif. Therefore, this world is a vibrant and violent landscape. As far as multiplayer goes, it will also be possible to have local matches. Which, by the way, more games could use. Especially, titles like Multiversus. Thus, there will also be ranked matches to partake in. All of the weapons in Die By The Blade will be distinctly different. The twin katanas will be fast and unrelenting. Meanwhile, the elongated nodachi will be slower but offer a stronger defense. There will be trade-offs with every weapon. Naturally, every player has their own preferences and there will be something for everybody to try out. Additionally, there are also customizable features that players can utilize. Various skins, decorations, and perks help mold a fighter any way a player wants them to be.

There will be a slew of arenas to choose from in Die By The Blade. Each will offer a little visual pop and texture to show off the world. Everything from graffiti-laced streets to snow-tipped mountains. They will most likely not offer anything in terms of strategy. They will probably be there just for visual appeal. At launch, there will be a total of 15 different arenas to fight in. Chances are that there will be more arenas coming in the future to keep things fresh. Along with the weapons and customizations. From how things seem, the content that will be available at launch appear fairly robust. Now, to be fair, the “one hit” fighting system isn’t all-encompassing. Players will need to hit specific parts of the body to best their opponent. Namely, this will be either their head or torso. Cuts and swipes at arms or legs might not be enough.

To The Edge And Back

Hence, all rounds will be short, quick, and very intense. No different than a standard fencing match. Luckily, there will be a “practice mode” available to help players get a better sense of how combat unfolds. The move sets shown in the trailer prove that this game will have a certain feel of smoothness and flexibility with the fighting. Players can block and parry from any angle. Thus, they can also roll out of the way to gain footing. Much like Jin does in Ghost of Tsushima. Players won’t be blindly guessing each other’s moves. There will be a ‘hit indicator’ signaling what move they are about to execute. Therefore, the defending opponent will need to decide on what to do. Either dodge, parry, block, or counter. There is very much a “rock, paper, scissors” dynamic to the combat.

Any player that’s well versed with For Honor will get the gist of how this game will play. It is generally the same notion. In any case, this game has been quietly under development for some time. Surprisingly, it is scheduled to be released fairly soon. Even though there is a gamut of competitive fighting games out there, very few have the gall to make them ultra-realistic. Die By The Blade is definitely something for fans of Samurai games, or just sword fighting in general. There is no doubt that this game will garner a loyal and passionate fan base in due time. There may be Soul Calibers out there, sure. However, this title is a very different animal. There is little room for error or fancy footwork in this IP. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is also a niche group of gamers out there that crave a new type of challenge.

Real Steel

As of right now, Die By The Blade is scheduled to be released on November 3rd. It will be available for the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Hence, any seasoned competitive fighter player that’s hankering for a fresh challenge should have their eye on Die By The Blade. It won’t be much longer before players can jump in and try out this sword fighting simulator. The development team behind this project is rather small, but it appears they have a good idea on their hands. Hopefully, the gaming community won’t overlook this title.

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