Trimming the Fat: 10 Interesting Deleted Scenes from Science Fiction Movies

There are literally thousands of movie scenes that are written, lit, acted out, and filmed but for one reason or another never make it into the movie itself.  Most of the time, the scenes are cut with good reason, as they don’t add anything at all to the movie or, even worse, detract from the movie’s central themes and overall tones.  Sometimes, however, those deleted scenes add quite a bit to the depth of characters or help to explain character motivations and are cut simply in the interest of time.  I found 10 pretty interesting deleted scenes from science fiction movies and posted them below.  I’ll let you be the judge as to whether or not those scenes should have been cut to begin with.  Except for the deleted scenes from Terminator 3. That one’s a joke.

Terminator 3:

Oh, God.  No.


The Predator toys with Dutch.


A deleted, freaky cocoon scene.

Star Trek (2009):

Nero and some Klingons.

Galaxy Quest:

It’s tough to cut anything with Alan Rickman.

Star Wars: A New Hope

It’s amazing how lame Luke was.

Blade 2:

Some daywalker flashback action.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan:

A revelation as to Kirk’s relationships.

The Terminator:

Foreshadowing of Sarah’s fighting spirit.

The Fly:

A gruesome baboon scene.

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  1. second vote for the abyss. but i think the amount of stuff that was removed was way too much for 1 or 2 deleted scenes, thats why its all put back in as a directors cut

  2. The Oscar DeLaurentis version of Dune… made WAY more sense for people unfamiliar with the books when the extra hour or so of footage was added back in.

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