Foodfight! – The 1998 CGI Movie Pretending Its From 2012

I’m a little unclear on what this movie is, why it exists and how it’s even possible for modern day computers to render animation this poor.

Foodfight! is an animated film starring Charlie Sheen as Dex, a sort of bootleg Scruff McGruff who attempts to foil the evil Brand X. The film also stars Hilary and Haylee Duff, Eva Longoria and OH GOD I CAN’T HANDLE THIS ANIMATION.

But seriously, how do movies like these get made? The only thing I can think of is that the actors are tricked into believing that for a day’s voiceover work, they’ll have the chance to star in the next How to Train Your Dragon. No one tells them that the movie is being rendered on a computer with half a megabyte of RAM, and is going to look like a pad Playstation 2 cutscene.

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