Dead Island 2 – Dani Character Guide

Dead Island 2 goes the extra mile on creating six distinct characters that each have their own story to tell. Dani is an all-around efficient zombie killer, specializing in both melee and ranged weapons. Kind of like the Leader Class in Evil Dead: The Game, players can build up Dani in either direction. She can either be a formidable warrior up close, or from afar. It depends on the playstyle of the player, honestly. With that said, there is a variety of ways to customize her to help clean up the streets of Hell-A.

She comes with really good stamina, which makes her a hard target to pin down. So, if players focus on juicing up her HP and stamina, she can almost be a one-person army. On top of that, she also comes with some unique perks that are only suited for her. There isn’t really anyone else on the roster that is quite like Dani in Dead Island 2. She is most likely the most flexible in terms of builds. So, she can be a powerhouse with heavy weapons or a ninja-like stalker that is a master of maiming. Dani comes with a lot of potential and it’s nice to know that she is also malleable.

In terms of stamina, her and Jacob are very similar. They both can go a long way without needing to recharge it. It is also worth pointing out that Dani can also replenish health by accomplishing some feats. Of course, this is all related to which Skill Cards are equipped. She also comes with moves that can come in handy with crowd control. In terms of damage, Dani can go down pretty quick. The trade-off here is her life and stamina recharging abilities. The following is a list of the most useful Skills Cards for Dani.

Most Useful Skills Cards for Dani

Safety First

  • When blocking attacks, Dani will be able to recharge her health meter.

The Limb Reaper

  • Whenever Dani hacks off an arm or leg, her health meter will replenish itself.


  • Using curveballs speeds up the recharging process of Dani’s abilities.


  • Whenever Dani counters an attack, her health meter will begin refilling itself.

Safe Space

  • As soon a Dani utilizes a med kit, a shockwave will emit from her, knocking the zombies back.

Blood Rush

  • Countering attacks will cause the Fury Meter to recharge itself at a faster pace.

Heavy Hitter

  • Stamina isn’t reduced when using bulldozer weapons. Instead, life will be depleted when swinging heavy weapons with this card attached.


  • Overhead swings with bulldozer weapons do extra damage, and also build up the Fury Meter, as well.


  • Whenever Dani’s Fury is activated, she can emit a scream that will stun zombies around her parameter.

Skin Shrapnel

  • Dani’s slide attack dishes out more damage and even increases the knockback of smaller zombie types.

Best Weapons for Dani to Use

With Dani’s smaller frame, the; Dodge and Drop Kick Skill Cards are a must-have. Dodging will restore her stamina and drop kicking is both fun to do and highly effective against smaller zombie types. Due the wide-range of perks that these Skills Cards have, Dani can be a tough zombie-killer in her own right. Dani works best with frenzy weapons like; hunting knives, brass knuckles, claws, batons, staffs, poles and swords. Secondary weapons for her could be within the bulldozer variety like; metal bats, clubs, sledgehammers and timbers.

With Dani, bulldozer weapons are complimented nicely with Thunderstruck and Ground Pound Skill Cards. These skills can knock back large numbers of zombies and can help give her some space. This is especially useful for escaping an onslaught as a last resort. Also, lets not forget about the Juggernaut card. If players are in need of using their Fury, then have this card equipped can speed up the process. Also, during boss encounters, these cards can help chip away their lifebar and also keep minions off your back. Lastly, maiming weapons like; machetes, cleavers, axes, wrenches, hammers and shovels can really help out while The Limb Reaper card is activated.

Best Firearms for Dani

Now, coming across guns in Dead Island 2 isn’t the easiest thing to do. Players won’t have access to them until later on in the game after completing a few quests. Needless to say, there is a hefty variety to choose from. When it comes to Dani, she works best with single-shot pistols and rifles. Things like; revolvers, Big Shot, Bodycount, sporting rifle, hunting rifles and shotguns works best for Dani. You want a gun that offers a powerful blast and massive damage as opposed to  With all that in mind, curveballs can also play a big part in taking out zombies from a distance.

With the Deadeye card equipped, curveballs can be instrumental in keeping Dani’s abilities filled up. In fact, throwing multiple curveballs into a crowd stacks up with the recharging perk that comes with this card. This can be especially true with military grenades, if a player manages to find some. These curveballs are probably the most efficient in reducing zombie hordes into red pudding. Dani is probably the most fun slayer to use while playing Dead Island 2 and she’s to go-to person for beginners or just for players that want to have fun.


There is no question that Dead Island 2 offers a slew of secrets and things to do within its immersive map. Every slayer comes with a distinct flavor and offers new ways to play around within Hell-A. Dani is a prime choice for players that are just starting out with this game. She offers ways to keep playing without worrying about life and stamina all that much. Dead Island 2 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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