Dead Island 2 – Best Loadout for Jacob

Dead Island 2 is the type of game that entices multiple playthroughs. Mainly, this is because there are six playable characters to try out. They each come with their own version of the story. Not to mention they all come with specialized perks that are reflective of their background and stature. In this instance, Jacob is a character that’s considered the ‘mascot’ of this game. You may not know it by looking at him, but he is considered the ‘tank’ of the bunch. He comes with a hearty amount of HP and there are a lot of items in his trick bag.

Of course, every character comes with their own pre-set abilities, which can be tweaked through Skills Cards. In Jacob’s case, players would want to focus on melee skills, since he likes to get in the thick of it. Players are free to experiment with load-outs with their characters. However, some builds will naturally be better than others. With the right touch, Jacob can become a wrecking ball decimating the streets of Hell-A. Jacob may not come with the best stamina, but that can be rectified with the proper upgrades. Thus, he plays as a rather solid support class during co-op, too.

The bulk of Jacob’s Skill Cards can be obtained just by playing through the campaign. He can be pretty effective with firearms and projectiles, as well. Pound for pound, he is most deadly with one-handed weapons like knives during close-quarter combat. This is especially true when head-shooting zombies. When it comes to hordes, Jacob excels at clearing out areas at a rapid pace. Some Skill Cards will require some sacrifice in terms of switching out some life for extra damage. However, this is generally used as a last resort.

 Top Skills Cards for Jacob

Anger Mismanagement

  • When using Fury, Jacob can refresh it and continue slaughtering the undead by using up some of his life as a trade-off. Highly useful as a last-ditch effort to eliminate a few stragglers.

Serial Killer

  • Damage is increased with each zombie that is destroyed, which stacks up successively.

Hack and Slash

  • The melee animations are increased in speed with every zombie slayed.

Critical Gains

  • There will be more stamina for Jacob. Plus, chances for critical hits are increased whenever stamina is low.

Surgical Focus

  • When using maiming weapons, the ‘Fury Bar’ replenishes itself. However, if Jacob gets injured, the entire process resets.

Group Therapy

  • With every strike, both Jacob and his team’s stamina gets replenished.

No Mercy

  • Jacob will dish out extra damage toward zombies that have been stunned.

Corpse Bomb

  • Whenever Jacob is under the influence of ‘Fury’, zombies will detonate after he kills them.

Voltaic Scream

  • Jacob will unleash a scream, which will temporarily stun and injure enemies. This can be really useful to escape a surrounding horde.

Skill Card Combinations

Now, some Skill Cards are universally efficient with every character across the board. This usually includes; Drop Kick, Dash Strike, and Dodge. When it comes to Jacob, there are specified Skill Cards he can use as a supplement to these. Hot Footed blends in nicely with Drop Kick. Whenever Jacob drop-kicks an enemy, they will be set on fire. The kicker is that health will be depleted whenever it is used. So, it is advised to be strategic with this and drop-kick zombies into oil slicks and other flammables. It’s the only way to get the most out of that Skill Card.

Also, Jacob comes with the toughness to take a lot of injuries. Speaking of which, Lightning Strike is another elemental Skill Card that Jacob could use. Basically, when using the Dash Strike, Jacob will inflict electrical damage to enemies. As usual, he will lose a little bit of his health when doing so. So, try and bait zombies to watered areas, like busted fire hydrants, to make the best out of this Skill Card. Lastly, try and have Corpse Blossom equipped at all times. This will cause zombies to detonate like a bomb from either; Caustic, Fire, or Electrical damage from elemental weapons. Hence, the splash damage will spread to other zombies that are related to the element that caused the explosion.

Weapons Jacob Should Use

As mentioned before, Jacob is most effective using one-handed weapons like; knives, hammers, claws, nightsticks, brass knuckles, pool cues, poles, and other frenzy weapons. You want to rely on his speed and agility to dismantle the hordes roaming the streets. Also, with Corpse Blossom equipped, Jacob can use all sorts of curveballs to make a chain reaction and break down hordes. When playing co-op, Jacob can also restore his stamina for both himself and his team. Therefore, everyone will be juiced up for a longer time frame, eliminating enemies much easier.

When it comes to firearms, Jacob specializes in assault rifles and SMGs. With each hit, damage stacks up, enabling Jacob to utterly destroy zombies in quick succession. Any gun will do, however, the rapid-fire variety suits him more naturally due to his skill set. Jacob is a character that can really carry the team to victory during quests, as long as he leads the charge and has the right Skills Cards equipped. Players will be better off being aggressive with Jacob, going in and wreaking havoc. That is how he is built and how he should be played.


Out of all the characters in Dead Island 2, Jacob can easily become the most powerful. He can absorb damage and tear apart zombies in intimate encounters. The best way to play him is to jump in and start swinging madly with frenzy weapons. Not to mention that, with the right frenzy weapons equipped, players can be a seasoned zombie slayer in no time. Dead Island 2 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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