Cosplay of the Day: Darlene Dixon


I’m liking this “more cosplay” push I’ve been on recently, as I keep finding great one-shots like these. Yes, that IS a female version of Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, with Leanna Vamp in the costume (photo via Flickr).

Crossbow, ear necklace, raggedy shirt, light injures. What more do you need? Well, I guess female Dixon needs an iPhone.

When did Daryl finally get rid of that creepy ear necklace? I remember him having it but I don’t remember it going away? Didn’t Carol bitch him out for it or something? In any case, I think the show wanted him to be more of a likable badass that a post-apocalyptic cannibalish road warrior.

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  1. Were you ever not on a “more cosplay” push? Keep it coming, Tassi. I’m too lazy to search for it myself and good cosplay never gets old.

  2. Paul,

    WRT when Darryl loses the necklace… it happens like the same episode or the one after he gets lost in the woods looking for Sophia (Carol’s daughter). He makes it after seeing his brother and then after Andrea shoots him.

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