One Joke From Every Mystery Science Theater 3000


Mystery Science Theater 3000 is one of the greatest shows that no longer exists on TV, but you can go back and watch them all online or on DVD if you like. That said, as they’re reviewing entire movies, or most of them, it can be a time consuming process.

That’s why this video takes one of the best jokes from each installment and compiles them into one video. I think they got them all in there, but as I don’t have an episode list in front of me, I can’t be absolutely sure.

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  1. mst3k was awesome, when rifftrax came along it filled the hole in my heart.

    It’s not EXACTLY the same but its still great, seems like they have been taking a break lately, I’ll be excited to see them put more stuff out.

  2. Awful. Seriously how the hell could you hear anything with that horrible background music. All dialogue was drowned out by it.

    Terrible and I was looking forward to watching it through.

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