Many Minimalist Movie Motors

Alright, half of these are from TV shows, but that would have messed up my title alliteration.

Artist Kevin Henry has created this rather cool series of minimalist posters that focus on the most iconic vehicles in film and television history, along with the year in which the movie came out. Or when the car was made, not sure which.

I think he’s covered most of the ones you’d think of. I would include the Bullit Mustang, Gone in 60 Second’s Eleanor and  perhaps the Fast and Furious Supra. I loved that car. Check out the full gallery below:

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  1. I don’t know why, but the year on each one makes it less… Awesome? I could see myself buying minimalist prints like these, if it weren’t for the year stamped on each one. I just think they stand up well without the year, they’re all obvious as far as which movie/show they belong to.

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