Calculate the (Disturbing) Amount of Time You’ve Spent Watching TV

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There’s a rather slick website called “” which uses an easy interface to calculate the amount of time you’ve spent watching a TV show, or multiple TV shows added together. You simply type in the name of the show, and the number of seasons you watched, and through some sort of database (IMDB?) it goes through taking into account the episode # and length to come up with a figure.

It aggregates too, so once you start, you can keep adding shows until you hit a big total. I kept adding shows until I reached about 100 days, then I just started getting depressed so I stopped. Turns out I spent over a solid week watching ten seasons of Smallville alone. Yeeesh.

See your own results here.

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  1. Initial thought: “I should totally do that.”

    Thought after I considered my entertainment habits: “I really shouldn’t do that.”

  2. I barely got to 68 days and a few hours, and I got depressed, I thought I had watched so much more!!!! I actually rarely sit and just watch TV or a movie, most of the times I use it as a background for my painting… Though listening to audiobooks is far less demanding for my eyes….

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