A Gallery of Halloween Costumes Based Entirely on 2009


Well Halloween has come and gone, and I had a great time, even though no one knew who the hell I was (but thank you citizens of the internet for your reassurance). On Saturday night, I had the best seat in any bar in Ann Arbor, as I got to watch an endless parade of costumed college kids waiting in line outside the giant glass window by my group’s table. Yes, I was flashed more than once.

This gallery of pictures are not ones I specifically took, but I did see practically all of these at one point or another. They’re costumes that more than likely only exist because of something pop culture related that happened in 2009, be it based on movies, TV or celebrities.

Check out the gallery below, and if you or your friends can beat any of these, send your own pictures to me: paul@unrealitymag.com

Billy Mays




Far and away, the most common costume I saw Saturday was dead pitchman, Billy Mays, more so than even Michael Jackson. I saw all variations, from respectable Oxi-Clean era Mays to cocaine-carrying Mays to finally zombie Mays.

Michael Jackson


There were many Thriller Michael Jacksons, which now of course takes on a new significance entirely. I had to post the scariest one I could find.

Balloon Boy


My friend stapled a bunch of balloons to his shirt and went as Balloon Boy, Falcon what’s-his-face. This version is much better.

Baroness and Destro


Surely inspired by this year’s film, but could be based on the comic as well. Sadly, this Destro looks better than the version from the movie.

Dr. Manhattan


You absolutely have to be built like this to pull off Dr. Manhattan, or else you’re just Tobias Funke.

Silk Spectre II/Snake Eyes


Here we’ve got a little summer blockbuster crossover, if I’m correct in assuming that’s Snake Eyes and not just some covert ops agent. If you’re a girl who went as Silk Spectre, you win bonus points in my book.

Lady Gaga


I’ll be honest, I have no idea if this is a costume of Lady Gaga or actually Lady Gaga.

Jon and Kate Plus 8


Why yes, this is Heidi and Spencer dressing like the two OTHER most hated people on the planet. Or were they not trying to be ironic?



She was 2009 right? I’ve already forgotten about her. Look at Ernie creeping in the background.

The money you could be saving with Geico


Bra-vo. And a note to everyone else, Dexter costumes never, ever work.



Or possibly just a regular gay guy, I’m not sure.

Alan (and baby) from The Hangover


Going as Ed Helms or Bradley Cooper just doesn’t really work.


These are costumes I KNOW people dressed up as somewhere in the country, but I can’t find them online. So search your friend’s facebook albums and if you come across anyone that was any of these, send them over:

– a Prawn (or half-prawn) from District 9

– The popular social networking site known as Book Face

– The old guy and fat kid from Up

– Keyboard cat

That’s all I can think of for now.

Reader Submissions:

Zach G.




Thanks Chris!

Doc Manhattan and Silk Spectre


Thanks Eric!

Russell from Up


Thanks Charles!

Carl from Up


The Coon from South Park


Thanks to…me! I saw these two awesome ones while I was out, and my friend finally put them on Facebook just now.

Wikus from District 9


Thanks Cam!




Thanks Ian!

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  1. I saw about 25 variations of ‘UP’ in West Hollywood this weekend, but didn’t manage to snag a pic.
    You also missed “Swine Flu” – another popular 2009 relevant costume.

  2. Flapjack is a show on Cartoon Network. Think of Spongebob/Courage the Cowardly Dog/Ren and Stimpy

    It’s a different kind of humor but I personally enjoy it. It doesn’t hurt to watch it drunk.

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