Where Have You Seen That Game of Thrones Actor? – A Gallery

Game of Thrones Actors 25

As you watch Game of Thrones, you’ve been introduced to character after character after character, some of whom probably look familiar to you. But you cannnnn’t quite place them.

Well, the intrepid Mattie432 (via Izismile) decided to educate us all on the acting history of the Game of Thrones cast. There are some real surprises here for some, like I had no idea that Grand Maester Pycelle was Walter Donovan in The Last Crusade, and there are plenty of others like that below.

With even more cast members getting added next season, this list will get bigger, but I suppose the show does like to kill people off too, so that balances things out.

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  1. The choice for Peter Dinklage should have been Elf! Everyone knows that movie!

    And Ciran Hinds should have been Aberforth Dumbledore. It would have blown a fair amount of minds, but I’m not complaining.

  2. Yes, you would think “Gaius Julius Caesar” would be a more important billing than “Carl from Munich. Go figure.”

    Also, don’t forget all the pornos that you saw star Sibel in.

  3. I also thought the call back would be Rome…

    You know what would make this article even better? Ads that cover the WHOLE picture and not just the information you’re looking for.

  4. i’m dissapointed, actually… i didn’t see one Doctor Who reference in this entire lineup… granted, there are some more stand out-ish roles for some of the actors who also appeared in Doctor Who, but there are also people who played in both shows that aren’t even listed. As is, i can pull about 10 of the ones listed here and connect them to Doctor Who. Regardless, it’s a very nice list.

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