Seven Greatest Vegeta Moments in Dragon Ball Z


The most powerful villain before Frieza was introduced and now one of the most powerful heroes, Vegeta has been with us throughout most of Dragon Ball Z. From his defeat at the hands of Goku (with a little help) to teaming up with Goku to take down some of the most evil villains of all time. And since he’s been around for so long, it’s no surprise he’s had some really good moments.

Vegeta has been a power-hungry leader, a blood-thirsty killer, a worthy rival, and a selfless hero. Let’s check out some of his best moments from the Saiyan Saga to the Kid Buu Saga!

7. “It’s Over 9000!”


Let’s just get this one out of the way. If there’s a go-to Vegeta quote, it’s this one. He’s so unbelievably shocked at Goku’s power level that he discards his scouter because it had to be broken.

I’ve seen dozens of cartoons and comics using this as the joke. In one, Goku holds up two fingers to a drunk Vegeta and asks how many fingers he sees. Well, as you already know, the answer is over 9000.

6. “Not Him, Too!”


Once Goku succumbs to the heart disease Trunks warned him of, it’s up to Vegeta to take on Android 19. It’s obvious to Vegeta that Dr. Gero didn’t collect data from them while they were on Planet Namek since they had no idea Goku was a Super Saiyan. And nobody expected this would be the day that Vegeta—as Gohan puts it—joined the Super Saiyan club.

Gohan also asks a pretty good question, something I’m sure everyone else was thinking. “He is on our side, isn’t he?” For now.

5. “It’s Over When I Say It’s Over!”


In his arrogance, Gohan allowed Cell to put the entire planet in danger by blowing himself up. Goku stepped in and saved the world at the cost of his own life, but Cell didn’t die. He came back more powerful than ever and unleashed his newfound power on Trunks.

And Vegeta didn’t like it. Not. One. Bit.

The thing I like most about this clip is it’s one of the first to show Vegeta caring for someone other than himself.

4. “I Will Never Fight Again.”


With the help of Vegeta, Gohan overpowers Cell and destroys him. Everyone leaves except Vegeta, who must process Goku’s death as well as being the only full-blooded Saiyan still alive.

He claims he will never fight again, and for seven years, that is true.

3. “Who Are You People?”


Seemingly under the control of Babidi, Vegeta realizes new power and challenges Goku once and for all.

This scene makes it clear that Vegeta is damaged. Being among the last of his race and having spent the majority of his life under Frieza’s command have left him with something to prove. All he has is his strength, which he must prove against Goku.

2. “I Am Going To Crush You And Throw You Into The Wind.”


Sending Trunks and Goten away with Piccolo, Vegeta chooses to face off against Majin Buu alone, taking his fate into his own hands. He knows he will die, and he knows he will not find favor on the other side.

He gives it his all, but as we know, it wasn’t enough.

1. “You Are The Best.”


As Vegeta watches Goku fight all-out against Kid Buu, he reflects on the past, ever comparing himself to Goku. In the end, Vegeta accepts their differences and admits his respect for Goku with the line, “You are the best.”

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  1. Thanks for the massive dose of nostalgia…brings me back to sitting on the edge of my couch after rushing home from school every day to see the next chapter of DBZ on Cartoon Network.

  2. I’d add Vegeta’s absolutely merciless beatdown of stage 2 Cell to this. It was Vegeta at his most arrogant, laughing at and taunting Cell while pounding the bajezzus out of him. Good stuff.

  3. Never liked DBZ much myself (uuuuugly art, paced like a bad soap opera, corny and over the top), but I’m pretty sure the “IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND!!!!” moment by itself justifies it’s existence. 4chan tricking Oprah into saying “Over 9000 penises” on the air is an internet classic.

  4. Vegeta was better than Goku. Not because he was a more interesting character, but because even though he was never as strong as Goku, he still tried as much as he could.

  5. Man, I just cant stand the background music in the american version of DBZ it just takes all the essence of the cartoon, I mean, the voices are ok, but the music just gives a different ambient to the anime. You can see on youtube that in any other language they use the original music, i just think its disrespectful for the creators. This is some of the original fighting music:

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