Bravery and Greed is a 2D Rouge-Lite Brawler Being Developed

Bravery and Greed is an old-school brawler with online features being developed by Rekka Games. There will be rogue-lite features in this game that will spice things up with every playthrough. With a colorful medieval flare, Bravery and Greed is kind of like a 2D Gauntlet with a deep melee combat system. Players will choose between a wizard. amazon, rouge, or warrior to dungeon crawl for riches and other loot. They will also hack and slash all sorts of enemies that range from skeletons, giant insects, dark knights, and monsters. Not to mention that the levels will be wrought with traps, pitfalls, platforms, and secrets. This game is an interesting mix of genres, which will no doubt capture the hearts of retro gamers. Thusly, there are also online capabilities in which players can indulge in PvP with support for local and online play. The gameplay is dense and full of action, just like any other brawler out there.

On top of that, there are also PvE modes in this game where friends can go on adventures together. The aforementioned characters are, of course, different classes and they come with unique skill sets. The thing is that they don’t need to stick with their abilities. Players can choose different ways to adjust a character’s move set. At the end of the journey, a character could have a very different toolbox of attacks compared to the beginning. Runes are also an important thing in Bravery in Greed. They unlock certain parts of a skill tree to help enhance the special skills that the characters have. Additionally, there will also be an assortment of equipment to collect that act as a supplement to the runes. This game is pretty flexible on how players can make their build, ultimately giving them an option to make something their own.

Crossing Swords

There are indeed different modes of Bravery and Greed. There is the classic ‘Adventure Mode’ in which players team up to fight their way through a myriad of dungeons that each have a boss. Collect loot and upgrade characters and see how far a player can get. Thus, there is also a ‘Survival Mode’ in which players will fight round after round of enemies seeing how long they can last. Also, let us not forget the aforementioned competitive modes that come in the form of arena battles and single PvP matches. So, there is plenty of variety here and there is something for everyone to try out. The combat in this game is no slouch. It has a deep, satisfying system that is on the same level as competitive fighting games. All the characters have their own special moves, yes. They also come with their own fighting style by default.

With the fighting mechanics in Bravery and Greed, players can use zone attacks to wipe out hordes of enemies. Plus, they can block, parry, juggle and dodge to avoid getting hit. There are also destructive power moves that can take massive damage to the opposition. Combos can be mixed up and experimented on. This is especially true with the variety of magic powers that the characters can utilize. Things like dashing moves, force fields, projectiles, morphing powers, and enhanced melee weapons can be summoned. The different ways that players can fight are almost unlimited in this game. Since this game will have rouge-lite features, every adventure taken will be a new experience. Sometimes, players will only find melee weapons to use while other times may offer more magical options. There will be no telling what to expect and what will be lurking in the darkness with every playthrough.

Need for Greed

Much like other rouge-lite games, all of the unlocks will be permanent. The catch is that players can only obtain certain content and loot through gold. Evidently, gold in Bravery and Greed is very hard to come by. So, players will be fighting over who gets the most gold with every dungeon. Opening chests and defeating bosses will release the most gold for players to collect. Another tricky way is by pickpocketing other players after reviving them. Needless to say, stocking up on gold can create a slugfest during some playthroughs. Of course, this is part of the fun of this game. Every man for himself all while trying to support each other during white-knuckled sword fights. The enemies in this game will flood the screen and will come from all directions. This game is very much tailor-made to be a co-op experience.

When it comes to rouge-lite games, Bravery and Greed appear to have a rather robust melee system to take advantage of. There is a certain depth to the fighting in this game that can only be compared to competitive fighting games. There is a vast network of dungeons to explore, each offering something new and exciting with each play session. The online compatibility will offer countless hours of replayability. If nothing else, the ‘Adventure Mode’ will give players an epic adventure that will be reminiscent of classic side-scrollers of yesteryear. The collectibles in this game are vast and the amount can be as far as the eye can see. Thus, with developer support, there will even be more things to find post-launch. This game seems like a fun romp to have with friends. Something that is whimsical, challenging, and chaotic much like in the same vein as Battletoads and similar titles.¬†

Dungeon Masters

As of right now, Bravery and Greed is scheduled to be released sometime this year. However, the developers have not locked in on a date just yet. Hopefully, there will be an official announcement stipulating when this will be coming out. Obviously, it has to be either the third or fourth quarter, which isn’t too far off. In any case, Bravery and Greed appear to have a lot of potential. Especially, with its PvP element. When it does release, it will be a PC exclusive only. No word yet on whether or not this title will be coming to consoles.

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