Black Milk Gets a Star Wars License – First Up, R2-D2 Dress

You  may remember Black Milk as that company who  made the R2-D2 swimsut that a bunch of awesome nerdy girls bought until they were shut down by George Lucas.

Well, Mr. Lucas has come to his senses and the company has been granted an official Star Wars license that they’re about to run wild with. The possibilities are infinite with Lucas’s blessing, and their first order business is making a dress version of the R2-D2 swimsuit that you can buy here. I don’t know how much AUD is is USD, but whatever the case, it’s worth it. And of course they now have the original swimsuit here again, and a Threepio one for good measure.

Alright, looking for an official Slave Leia bikini, a Darth Vader ball gown and a Boba Fett corset. GO!


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  1. That’s so awesome! Definitely wanna get the missus in one of these! Will be scary as when they get to the Jabba range.

    Coincidentally, I happen to know the girl in the C3PO swimsuit. So all around great article! 🙂

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