Debate of the Day – Thor: The Dark World

Even though it did great at the box office and critics even seemed to like it, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first Thor film, and at the time,  it seemed like a rough fit in with all the other Marvel properties. That was resolved during The Avengers when Whedon made it work, but now with this new trailer, I’m reminded how vastly disparate the character is from say, Iron Man and Captain America.

I’m still unclear about what exactly the plot of this film is, despite two minutes of footage. There’s a darkness. It wants to fight Thor. Thor wants to fight it. That’s about all I’ve got. Natalie Portman is back, and I’m looking forward to hearing Thor explain why he didn’t stop by to see her while he was on Earth saving the world.

Whatever the threat is, Loki has to come out of prison/retirement to help Thor out with it, which I’m sure is going to be good news for everyone.

I don’t know. It looks interesting I suppose, and I’m glad that most of the film won’t be taking place in some dusty southwestern town this time around. What do you think?

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  1. Not much to debate just yet. Thor was by far the most challenging of Marvel’s primary heroes to adapt and they managed, but hopefully they really dig into the other realms this time because the only way Thor keeps momentum is by drawing on the epic fantasy his comics are known for, not by hanging out on Earth and making googly eyes at Natalie Portman (who was actually the best thing about the first film).

  2. After Iron-Man, Thor ended up being my favorite of the pre Avengers films. Something about it gave it a level of “re-watchability” that Captain America didn’t come close to (I really hated the bad guys in Captain America though, Red Skull was a little too cartoonish and the gimps with lasers seemed horribly out of place for what was up to that point a WWII movie).

    The fantasy elements give it something else to offer that we won’t get anywhere else, and the cast is solid, for a fall release it should be pretty great.

    IT looks way better than the latest Wolverine abomination at the very least.

  3. Thor didn’t work for me, although at least it payed of to introduce the character before The Avengers. Same with Captain America, nothing special as a movie. Main thing I’m worried about in the next movies with the heroes of the Avengers is that it doesn’t make sense that they’re not together anymore. That better be explained well. And how the hell will the Avengers 2 look like if Tony Stark can just create an army of Iron Men like we saw in the Iron Man 3 trailer? Suit up every adult!

  4. Will be entertaining to say the least. I assume that the actions in the Avengers happens in this world too? Also, maybe they should steer away from every movie being an Earth destroying event? If that’s the case I assume Iron Man and Hulk would join up…

    Or we can just keep all these story lines separate and not try to ruin the entertainment factor. They are essentially just following what the comics did. The infinity wars happened, but after that, it’s not like everyone joined together every single time something bad happened.

  5. I’m glad there’s some UK stuff in there. Glad to see saving the world isn’t restricted to just the US.

    Although if they’re going down the same root at Iron Man 3, they’re purposely not putting the Earth in danger. The idea of the individual movies is that the danger is ‘small’ enough, or distant enough in this case, that one of the Avengers can deal with it on their own. And then when the truly catastrophic danger appears they all need to unite to save the day.

  6. Apparently a lot of people have been bagging on the first flick lately, which sorta caught me off guard. There were elements that didn’t work (the romance, for instance), but when it reaches its highs I find that movie to be downright majestic. For me, easily the most distinctive of the pre-Avengers Marvel releases (though Captain America might be more consistent).

    This new one looks like a pretty legit fantasy epic, which sounds great to me. It’s difficult to tell much from this trailer except that the tone will be more melancholy and the action will be well-staged, but it represents a facet of the Marvel universe that interests me far more than a lot of other stuff going on there right now.

    Hopefully Marvel won’t let the quality of its Phase Two movies be as scattershot as the Phase One flicks.

  7. I do feel like the first movie had trouble finding its tone, trying to be high-fantasy coming of age, fish-out-of-water comedy, super-hero origin story and not completely succeeding at any of them. In the end though, I enjoyed it more than Captain America and Edward Norton’s Incredible Hulk.

    If anything, the new movie will have Christopher Eccleston AND Tom Hiddleston in it so at least they’ll be fun to watch.

  8. I liked the first one enough to buy and rewatch for a few times, but the Jane & Thor thingy didn’t appeal. I legitimately cringed when I saw her again here, though I knew she’d have to be, but I’m definitely looking forward to the exploration of the Loki and Thor brothers/rivals relationship. It should be fun seeing the third iteration of their bond after Thor and the Avengers.

    And the outcry over Loki’s /hair/ is insane (Tumblr exploded over that few seconds of Loki – every fangirl/fanboy is nuts. Like, cat-lady NUTS.)

  9. I thought they did a good job with Thor considering how hard a character he was going to be to adapt. I’m glad they just went the full Asgardian and pulled no punches and spared no apology.

    That said, it is my least favorite of the pre-Avengers film but that is largely due to the action. The best fight scene is Thor vs. the Frost Giants but that opens the film. The final fights were disappointing. I also don’t understand why Thor and Loki seem to be the only Asgardians with actual powers while the rest just seem to be Captain America, only a little better.

    The movie does drag on a bit when Thor is banished and the love story between him and Jane Foster wasn’t very believable. So, definitely some flaws I hope they can fix this go around.

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