5 Things That Really Pissed Me off in Big Top Pee Wee

Big Top Pee Wee

Yeah that’s right I said it.  The movie Big Top Pee Wee really pissed me off.  First of all, why was there a sequel?  Or is it even considered a sequel?  What the hell is going on here? In case you guys haven’t seen it, Big Top Pee Wee featured our beloved jokester as a pseudo farmer living in a small town where most people hate him.  He is sans red bicycle and all of a sudden becomes an agriculturist instead of wacky contraption inventor like in the first movie.

A traveling circus ends up joining him and he winds up turning the entire town into small children because he makes them tiny cocktail weiners which magically shrink them into 10 year olds.  So as if that’s not enough, here’s what really pissed me off….

1.  Where did he get the money to pay for all of this?

Big Top Pee Wee

Dude, there’s no way Pee Wee would be able to afford a spread like this.  I refuse to believe it.  His farm is like 30 acres.  And where the hell did he get the coin to put together that secret greenhouse of his?  There’s something shady going on right there and the first movie certainly gave no inkling into his riches.  Maybe Francis backed him, who knows…

2.  Who is this Tiny Woman Midge?

Big Top Pee Wee

Midge is the wife of circus leader Mace Montana.  The entire movie you see this tiny woman who is no bigger than a shot glass.  She sits on car lights, people’s hands, plates.  She has a loud voice, is an integral part of the movie, and yet no one really seems to notice that she’s about 1 inch tall.  Even when Penelope Ann Miller meets her, she doesn’t act surprised.  And where did she get tiny pots and pans to make Pee Wee that little bacon and eggs plate?

3.  Pee Wee’s Talking Pig

Big Top Pee Wee

So there’s just talking pigs now?  And every single human is OK with this?  And then all of a sudden a hippo becomes attracted to this pig?  What the hell is going on in this town?

4.  Do things cost money in this town?

In that annoying store in town with the grumpy old guy, how come he never takes out the cash register?  In the scene where Pee Wee is begging for a cheese sandwich and finally gets it, he’s not paying a dime.  And I don’t recall anyone paying for anything.  Perhaps that’s why Pee Wee is living on 30 acres.  He was just the first to claim it.  Perhaps this is a town of “dibs.”

5.  A Hotdog Tree?

Big Top Pee Wee

Oh come on guys, you know there’s no such thing as a hot dog tree.  This is ridiculous.


Benecio Del Toro is in this movie.

Big Top Pee Wee

Now that’s just ludicrous.

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  1. Also: PEE-WEE GETS LAID. That was enough to kill it all for me. But basically, this movie SHOULD piss you and everyone else off. Everything funny and charming about Pee-Wee is completely missing from this movie. It was a cash-grab, and it probably worked, but it’s just depressing, really.

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