BioShock Fan Art That’s as Good as the Game Itself


BioShock has been one of the defining game series of this generation, and it’s one of the few that have propelled games into “art,” though the definition of that word can be debated to death for all eternity. But BioShock was one of the most prominent series to take on serious literary and philosophical concepts in a way that manifested themselves in both the worlds of Rapture and Columbia. We will probably see another BioShock game at some point, but with Irrational mostly scattered to the winds, it won’t be the same, and the original game and Infinite will be the two lasting memories of the series for years to come. Probably not BioShock 2. We don’t talk about Bioshock 2.

Naturally, the game has spawned legions of fans over the years, and as such, there’s a huge community producing fantastic fan art related to the series. The art deco style of the game is simply gorgeous and lends itself to imitation. Or at least it would if I knew what “art deco” meant. (Googles). Oh yeah, that’s pretty accurate.

In any case, I’ve scoured the internet for a few of my specific favorite pieces from the game which you can check out in gallery form below. And trust me, I had to sift through far, far too many Elizabeth hentai adaptations. The first time is funny, the seven hundredth time is gross. But yeah, much respect to all the talented artists who managed to restrain themselves to produce actual art.


By ReborkFX

This computer-assisted piece if one of the best I’ve seen to date, even if I said we don’t talk about BioShock 2. I can’t deny that the “Big Sisters” of the game weren’t terrifying and awesome in their own ways, a more mobile, agile version of the original game’s Big Daddies.


by Nonobot

Our first Big Daddy is a beautiful painting from Nonobot. I remember thinking for the longest time that these things were just giant hulking robots programmed to love little girls. Errr wait, that sounds wrong. But then the game takes you to a point where you can actually step inside one for yourself, and that’s probably one of my favorite sequences across any game ever.


by Fenner

Sometimes being a bodyguard is messy business, and there’s no hidey-hole for the little girls to go into when there’s danger. I really love this piece which shows a Big Daddy taking out what I imagine is a rogue splicer, unless that’s what my body looked like in the original game and I just forgot.


by Sunstark

Now we’ll hop into the parallel universe of BioShock Infinite for this excellent comic book-ish look at Booker and Elizabeth. I remember where I first saw that gun I thought I would be shooting spiral blades into people’s heads rather than using it to fly around on cables. And I thought Elizabeth would be annoying to escort around too, rather than being consistently adorable and helpful.


by Felitomkinson

And what if Infinite was a Disney movie instead? I actually remember this piece and I think I may have featured it by itself previously, that’s how much I like it. Here we see the full cast of the game, which is more or less five people and one giant mechanical flying Big Daddy. I mean Bird Daddy. I mean Songbird. Have you guessed the connections between Infinite and the original yet?


by Eddy-Shinjuku

Oh my god Elizabeth, I love your shoes. Where did you get them? Err right, toss me that mana potion already. This is probably one of my favorite renditions of your little helper in the game. Got to love mission escorts who give you stuff and don’t constantly need protection. “Elizabeth can handle herself in battle” the game reminds you as you play. I mean, she doesn’t like actually fight per se, but “not dying” is more useful than even that, given video game’s consistently complicated relationship with escort missions.

Those are some of my favorites, but if you have any more you think I should see, please link me in the comments!

First picĀ  by Xerovas

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  1. Honestly, looking back on the series at this point in time, I actually like Bioshock 2 more than 1. Back when the Rapture titles were relevant, 1 was seen as an artistic cultural milestone (rightfully so) and 2 was given a hard time for basically riding in on 1’s coattails (also rightfully so).

    Now, however, the gaming scene has moved on and 1 doesn’t have the same impact it used to (although still an awesome game). Nowadays, when I play the games and compare them, I enjoy 2 more because it has funner gameplay mechanics. The story isn’t as good as 1 but is still pretty good. Plus Minerva’s Den is fantastic.

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