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Shigaraki Powers

Shigaraki Tomura is an antagonist in My Hero Academia. He started out as a subordinate to All For One. However, Tomura was always designated as All For One’s successor, meaning that there was always an indication that he would emerge as the main antagonist of the series rather than just a major antagonist. Now, it seems as though he is fulfilling that promise. Unsurprisingly, shonen being shonen, this means that Tomura has become very powerful as well.

10. Quirks Stolen Using All For One

Tomura possesses All For One’s titular Quirk, which is either the most powerful or the second-most powerful Quirk that can be found in My Hero Academia. For context, most people in the setting possess a Quirk, an extraordinary ability that can take on a very wide range of forms. For example, one person might have the ability to make explosions. Meanwhile, another person might have the ability to turn their arm-adjacent tentacles into copies of their other body parts. All For One is powerful because it can be used to steal other people’s Quirks, thus making those available for its owner’s use. Furthermore, it can transfer those stolen Quirks into other people, where they can combine with one another to create new Quirks with new possibilities. All For One does have a limit on the number of stolen Quirks that its owner can possess at any one time. However, the ability to bring ten or so Quirks against someone with a single Quirk is nonetheless an overwhelming advantage under most circumstances. Having said that, the Quirks stolen by All For One sit at the number ten position because they are a wildcard. Simply put, they can be very powerful, particularly when they are used in the right combination. However, their variable nature means that they aren’t guaranteed to be capable of exceeding Tomura’s other powers on their own, though that isn’t the right way to look at them because they are supposed to be used in combination with everything else.

9. Willpower

Moving on, Tomura’s willpower can be considered a power in its own right. There are limits to what willpower can and can’t do. However, there can be no doubt about the fact that it is important for enabling people to continue doing their best in spite of the odds stacked against them. Something that is as true in fiction as it is in real life. In fact, it should be mentioned that Tomura’s willpower was one of the reasons that he was chosen by All For One as the man’s successor, meaning that it played a role in enabling most of the other powers on this list. Still, Tomura’s willpower occupies a low position on this list for a couple of reasons. One, incredible willpower isn’t very unusual in superhero media. If anything, it is the exact opposite for both superheroes and supervillains, so much so that one could say that it is a part of the basic price for entry. Two, it cannot be stressed enough that there are limits to what willpower can and can’t do on its own. Speaking bluntly, even the strongest will in the world won’t enable someone to win a fist-fight with a tank. Tomura’s willpower is already beyond what people can do with it in the real world. Even so, it wouldn’t mean much without his other powers.

8. Minions

Initially, Tomura had a personality that made for terrible bosses. However, he has managed to get over that, with the result that he is now capable of commanding genuine loyalty from a surprising number of minions. One might argue that minions aren’t a power. However, there can be no doubt about the fact that quantity is a quality of its own, particularly when that quantity happens to come with superpowers. After all, Tomura’s minions possess a wide range of capabilities that enable them to do things that Tomura can’t do on his own. One example would be Kurogiri Another example would be Dr. Garaki Kyudai, who is the one who creates the Nomus. As for why minions get the number six position rather than something higher, well, superhero media is superhero media. The entire point of the genre is either an exceptional individual or exceptional individuals going up against their villainous counterparts. Due to this, while minions can be important, it is pretty much guaranteed that they won’t matter at the very end of things, whether because the narrative will ensure their irrelevance or because the powers of the main protagonist and the main antagonist will outstrip them so much as to ensure their irrelevance.

7. Superhuman Stamina

Speaking of which, it is very common for superheroes and supervillains to have superhuman physical capabilities as well. Often-times, this is even true for supposedly “normal” characters, who nonetheless do things that are either impossible or near-impossible for their real world counterparts with effortless ease. Shonen being shonen, there is a lot of that in My Hero Academia. Having said that, it is important to note that Tomura’s stamina is very blatantly superhuman even by the rules of the setting. For proof, look no further than the fact that he has been able to continue fighting despite taking enormous damage while fighting multiple Pro-Heroes at the same time. Ranking superhuman physical capabilities is a complicated matter. After all, even though they are seen as separate things from one another, it is difficult to actually separate them from one another. This is particularly true because some of them necessitate others. To name an example, someone with superhuman strength would presumably have superhuman durability as well because otherwise they would be hurting themselves every single time that they made use of that superhuman strength. Still, superhuman stamina gets a lower position because it is more reliant on the other superhuman physical capabilities mentioned here than they are on it. Simply put, it doesn’t matter if someone can continue fighting for hours and hours on end if they get destroyed in a few moments because of an insurmountable gap in speed, strength, and durability.

6. Superhuman Speed

Unsurprisingly, Tomura has superhuman speed as well. Furthermore, it has been made very clear that he has become one of the fastest characters in the My Hero Academia series. After all, he was able to catch up to Gran Torino before launching a successful attack without the man being able to react. Yes, Gran Torino is very old. However, this is nonetheless notable because he is supposed to be one of the fastest Pro Heroes in the entire world, meaning that this feat is enough to put Tomura in the top tier in this regard.

5. Superhuman Strength

Superhuman strength receives a higher position because characters can’t compete in a superhuman fight without it. Once again, Tomura has become strong enough to put him in the top tier in this regard. It isn’t clear how strong he is supposed to be at this point in time. However, we know enough to establish an approximate range. First, Tomura’s strength isn’t as high as that of All Might, which we know because Dr. Garaki Kyudai outright stated this to be the case. Still, this is more impressive than anything else, seeing as how All Might in his prime would be the setting’s Superman equivalent. Second, Tomura’s strength should be a considerable portion of All Might’s power. This is because he overpowered 45 percent of One For All with ease even though that would be the Quirk that All Might used. Suffice to say that this means that Tomura has a very impressive level of superhuman strength by the standards of the setting.

4. Superhuman Durability

In any case, this means that superhuman durability gets the highest position out of the four. Unsurprisingly, Tomura possesses a very high degree of superhuman durability as well, as shown by how he has survived a wide range of powerful attacks. In particular, it is worth mentioning that he survived fighting Star and Stripe’s most powerful attack even though it caused a super-massive explosion that was meaningful on a strategic scale. Superhuman durability gets the top position because it enables everything else. The human body has limits on what it can and can’t put up with. As a result, characters who possess superhuman speed and strength pretty much have to have some degree of superhuman durability. Otherwise, well, suffice to say that very messy things would happen to them.

3. Decay

Superhuman physical capabilities are great for versatility. After all, they don’t have to be limited for use in combat. Instead, they have a wide range of applications in a wide range of situations. Tomura’s original Quirk called Decay didn’t have to be used for destructive purposes and only for destructive purposes. However, it is no exaggeration to say that it started out as one of the most dangerous offensive Quirks in the series before proceeding to become many times more so. In short, Decay started out as a Quirk that enabled Tomura to disintegrate anything that he touched with five fingers. The Quirk could be used on both organic and inorganic substances. Moreover, the disintegration would spread throughout the target unless the part that had been affected was cut off. However, Decay has been strengthened, with the result that it has become more ridiculous than ever before. In particular, it no longer requires Tomura to touch something with all five fingers. Instead, it can even spread through non-physical vectors. As such, Decay is something that can be used on a strategic scale, as shown by how Tomura used it on a third of an entire city.

2. Intelligence

In the early part of the series, Tomura didn’t strike anyone as the brightest mind of his generation. In a lot of ways, he was childish and immature, with the result that he often came off as being rather ridiculous. Still, Tomura possessed a fair amount of combat intelligence, as shown by his ability to figure out his opponents’ capabilities in the middle of fighting so that he can exploit the revealed weaknesses. Since the acquisition of All For One, Tomura has become much more frightening in this regard. This is because he has merged with his predecessor, meaning that he possesses said individual’s knowledge, experience, and other mental attributes. That makes him much more formidable than otherwise possible because the smart and sensible use of resources can make even the strongest character that much more so. Suffice to say that the previous owner of All For One was someone who became the ruler of Japan in a time of societal collapse caused by the emergence of Quirks, which speaks volumes about his capabilities in this regard.

1. All for One

As mentioned earlier, Tomura has inherited the Quirk called All For One, which exists at the center of the story. After all, this was the Quirk used to create One For All. As such, this was the Quirk that enabled the existence of both its previous owner and All-Might, whose mantles have been picked up by Tomura and Deku respectively. Beyond its narrative weight, All For One also has plenty of power. Simply put, even if Tomura lost everything else, All For One can be used to regain everything. More Quirks can be stolen; more minions can be brought in; and more power can be accumulated. This is particularly true because Quirks offer a path to life extension, as shown by how the previous owner of All For One has lived far beyond a normal lifespan. Given enough patience, it isn’t unreasonable to say that Tomura could just outlive his opposition if he was sufficiently determined to do so.

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