10 Things You Didn’t Know About Symphogear


Symphogear is a Japanese anime television show which was first aired in January of 2012. So far, there have been a total of five seasons. If you’re into anime and you’ve been considering watching Symphogear, but you haven’t quite made up your mind yet, we have some interesting information that might help you make your decision. Here are ten things that you probably didn’t know about Symphogear, but probably should before you tune in.

1. Symphogear is for sci-fi and high tech fans

Anime lovers who are also into science fiction and the development of cool wearable technology might find the plot to be fascinating. Zwei Wing is in a fight against Noise, which is an alien race. They use a special kind of armor that uses musical power to nullify the destructive power of the Noise. The special armor is called Symphogear, hence the title of the series. It’s about fighting the aliens who seek to destroy them and if you like to see heroes in action and the use of magical technology, this is probably right up your alley.

2. It’s the traditional fight between good vs evil

Zwei Wing is made up of Tsubasa Kazanari adn Kanade Amo. They are the heroes who use the Symphogear to protect the innocent from the destructive Noise used to afflict the innocent. This is the age-old battle of good versus evil, but it never seems to go out of style.

3. “Symphogear” is available in a print adaptation

A manga adaptation was made into a collection for serial reading. The project was started in 2011 with the first release made in November of that year and it was completed in April of 2013. This is a long process that takes time. It appeared in Kadokawa Shoten’s Newtype Ace magazine during these periods of time. It became popular in print, which happened prior to the release of the first episode of the television series and those who read the adaptation were intrigued enough to watch the televised version.

4. It’s about girl power

If you enjoy stories that contain an uplifting message then you might want to check out Senki Zesshou Symphogear. Magical girl warriors know the power of music and they use the rock version to go to war against the Eldritch Abominations to protect the innocent. There’s a message in there not only about the power of music to vanquish harmful noise but also that girls who know how to utilize the power of music can bring help to those in need. There are some good lessons found in the story if you’re looking for them.

5. The series is geared towards teens

Symphogear focuses the story around a schoolgirl who is ordinary in most aspects of her life. This makes it easy for kids in school to relate to the plot, but it’s something that adults can also relate to because we were all kids once. Something extraordinary happens to Hibiki Tachibana, the schoolgirl when she attends a Zei Wing concert that falls under attack by teh Eldritch Abominations who are also known as “Noise.” This is where the fantasy part comes in. Hibiki gets a Symphogear armor fragment embedded in her chest and it gives her special powers tht help her to join the fight of good vs. evil.

6. It shows that you can do great things in life when you’re still in school

Hibiki is showing us by example that you can have a lot going on in your life but still make time for your schoolwork. Whether in grammar school or college, this is an important part of our lives and she also keeps up her very important relationship with a childhood friend. She’s an inspiration for multi-tasking and taking care of the most important responsibilities first.

7. Symphogear has a fandom

You can find out more about what others have to say about Symphogear by visiting the site. Here you’ll find discussions about the characters, and specific shows in the series. This can give you an idea of what other viewers like or don’t like about it, and you might even gain some insights into the characters by joining in a discussion with viewers who have already seen all of the episodes.

8. It’s a manga adaptation

If you can read the Japanese language, you can get a copy of the manga to read Symphogear in its original written form. This often gives you a different perspective, and sometimes more information. The adaptations do not always follow the story precisely. There can be some glaring differences through the translations and it’s kind of cool to go back to the original when possible.

9. There are others who are translating the original

We discovered that there are other fans of Sumphogear who have managed to get their hands on a few of the chapters and they’re always looking for help finding the rest of them. Some are even translating it from the original, so if you’d like to connect with them, it could really enhance your enjoyment of the series. A good place to connect with them is on a Symphogear blog.

10. It’s addicting

We have to warn you that whether you start watching the television series, or reading the manga adaptation, it’s easy to get hooked. You might find yourself having trouble putting it down. The story is well-written and it contains a good plot, some useful life messages and a lot of action. The characters are easy to love, or at least admire, with the exception of the Noise. You can check out the various forums and discussion groups to find out just how many fans get into the story and even when they’ve completed it, they’re still excited to talk about it.

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