Pokemon Day 2022: Everything Announced

Pokemon premiered its first series of games with “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Green” in Japan, but in the United States things were released a little differently. In the United States, Pokemon released “Pokemon Red” and “Pokemon Blue”, which was an interesting move but one the company felt was right at the time, and it showed as the franchise has become one of the largest and greatest media franchises of all time spending across, trading card games, video games, and several movies, anime, and other animated features. With its immense success, The Pokemon Company has been following tradition with Pokemon Day, a day celebrating all things Pokemon, but mostly a day of new content across the various titles under the Pokemon umbrella, mobile, or console. Below, we’ve gone into detail on the most recent iteration of the holiday and a round-up of everything announced for Pokemon Day 2022.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

The biggest announcement of the day was without a doubt the surprise announcement of the next Pokemon game in the series, as well as the overall 9th generation of the series. The announcement of the games, titled “Pokemon Scarlet Version” and “Pokemon Violet Version” is going to be released for the Nintendo Switch system, as most mainline Pokemon games tend to come out on the newest Nintendo console. While most information on the latest installment has been kept under wraps, more information will come over time as the game has been slated for a 2022 release date. Overall what we do know leading into the game is exactly what starter Pokemon we will have to choose from between Quaxly the water type, Fuecoco the fire type, and Sprigatito, the grass type starter.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

“Pokemon Legends: Arceus” was the newest release from The Pokemon Company on Nintendo Switch, being released in January 2022, it marked yet another mainline Pokemon game released within a shorter window than previously shown. In the Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents showcase “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” had a free update for players to enjoy announced called “Daybreak” in which players will investigate clusters of wild Pokemon, as well as new challenges involving Wardens and some other content.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl

“Pokemon Brilliant Diamond” and “Pokemon Shining Pearl” were remastered and remade versions of the original Diamond and Pearl games, only released in 2021 a few short months before “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” was released. While the games are mainline games, the updated versions of Pokemon games tend to only be more a refreshing version with minimal new features but more of a modern overhaul of the original. So while these games are newly animated and presented in a fresher engine, the game has the same overtone and story as the original with different features compared to the original. During the most recent Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents it was announced that players of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl can speak with Professor Oak and unlock Shaymin through the Mystery Gift function.

Pokemon Cafe ReMix

“Pokemon Cafe ReMix” may simultaneously be the most casual and most interesting Pokemon app out there as it’s a mix between Pokemon’s lore and the typical casual puzzle mobile game. For Pokemon Day, it was announced: “Pokemon Cafe ReMix” will get getting quite the chunk of new content which included new outfits, and Pokemon to encounter including the Mythical Pokemon Victini and others. On top of that, the game has a series of events lined up that include Bulbasaur, Shiny Piplup, and other free goodies. Overall, while it’s interesting to see a game like “Pokemon Cafe ReMix” getting vast updates throughout the year, it’s a shame to think about the older games released and forgotten about that weren’t part of everything announced for Pokemon Day 2022.

Pokemon Unite

The newest release into the mobile world from The Pokemon Company, but first released on Nintendo Switch, “Pokemon Unite” was also mentioned during the Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents. The announcement thrilled players with the news that they could unlock Hoopa’s license through a series of quests. It was also announced along with the new Pokemon license that players could unlock also brought to the game a new type of quick battle has been added to the rotation, as well as the news of Duraludon coming to the game as a license in the future.

Pokemon GO

“Pokemon GO” was surprisingly released in 2016 and has received countless updates and events since, and Pokemon Day was no different. For Pokemon Day, “Pokemon GO” announced that more Alola Pokemon are making their way into the game from the Sun and Moon generation of Pokemon games.

Pokemon Masters EX

“Pokemon Masters”, recently changed to “Pokemon Masters EX”, also announced new content available in the game which coincided with the tactical Pokemon mobile game’s 2.5 year anniversary events. With both events, players can unlock various new sync pairs, play several new solo events, and other events. For Pokemon Day specifically, all players can claim 3000 gems in their gift box. Overall, for Pokemon Day 2022, with everything announced it’s surprising now to see how much more Pokemon content was for mobile games compared to console games, which started the franchise.

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