Batman on Budget: A Gallery of Recession-Era Batmobiles

Batmobiles 4

The recession hit everyone pretty hard, and superhero millionaires aren’t immune to such economic difficulties. It’s been a rough couple of years for Batman, and he’s had to sell the Tumbler in favor of…other options.

I’ve tracked down some of best (worst) alternative Batmobiles around the country that Bruce has added to his fleet. Some are laughable, others actually kind of badass. He might not catch any bad guys in these, but at least he’s trying.

Check out the full gallery below, and if I’ve missed any, I’d love it if you would send them in.

This looks like a heavy rainstorm might total it

Batmobiles 14


Holy tackiness Batman!

Batmobiles 13


If the Batmobile had a weird cousin no one talked about, this would be it

Batmobiles 12


For when Batman wants to drag race in something that’s actually street legal

Batmobiles 11


I feel like Batman was just an asshole and vandalized some poor soccer mom’s car


Batmobiles 10


He strikes again! With license plate too

Batmobiles 9


Are those…micro M-16s?

Batmobiles 8


Redneck Batman is actually kind of awesome

Batmobiles 6


Stretch limo Batmobile for when he can’t decide if he wants to be Batman or Bruce Wayne

Batmobiles 5


Technically this isn’t a “person” of Walmart, but I bet they’re wearing a cape

Batmobiles 3


Syrian protester Batman? I’m not sure

Batmobiles 2


This is literally what a car looks like when it’s wearing a Halloween costume

Batmobiles 1

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