Eight Awesome Terrorists in Movies

Every time I see a movie with a terrorist in it, I get a little scared to go anywhere that might have tons of people.   Like screw taking a plane or a subway anywhere.  No thanks.  But I guess it depends on the movie you know?

Some movies don’t scare you but some make you freaked out.   To me, a lot of that credit goes to the people that play the terrorists.  So I figured since we never did a list like this, why not?

Here are eight awesome terrorists in movies…..

Wulfgar in Nighthawks

Personally I think this is Rutger Hauer’s best role other than Blade Runner.   He is an absolute stuff in this movie.   Everything from his ability to get chicks to his complete non caring of human life, he’s got it all.

Ivan Korshunov in Air Force One

I mean come on folks.  It’s Gary Oldman.  Do I really need to go into this?  He’s the man.

Charles Rane in Passenger 57

I absolutely loved this guy.   Bruce Payne is very underrated and his face alone warrants a spot on this list.  He just looks like such a dick.   Best line of the entire movie is when he wants to have sex with one of the hostages and she says “You’ll have to kill me first,”  and he says “I’m going to kill you…during.”   Awesome.

William Stranix in Under Siege

Is this when Tommy Lee Jones started to make his run?  Remember how big Jones was for like 5 years?   I think this movie was part of that run.  Anyway, this is one of the first “Rock and Roll” terrorists we’ve seen on film.  Kind of a new take and pretty cool I might add on the terrorist genre.

Salim Abu Aziz in True Lies

Played by Art Malik, he’s your stereotypical scary Arab guy out to get the United States because of what the U.S. does to his country.   While the movie was kind of a humorous mix, Malik stays in character pretty well.  I like when he takes the motorcycle off the roof and into the pool.  Yup, that was realistic.

Hans Gruber in Die Hard

Probably one of, if not the best terrorists in movie history.   Played by Alan Rickman, Gruber is the ultimate Eurotrash annoying guy that you really want to see go down.   His voice carries his character and his crew completely kicks ass.   Yippie Kayay!  You know the rest.

Howard Payne in Speed

Played by Dennis Hopper, Payne is an ex cop who has a score to settle with the current police.   He’s a master of explosives and takes things way too lightly.   Not a fan of all his stupid little quips and one liners but still, you can’t argue that it’s Dennis Hopper and he’s awesome.

General Francis Hummel in The Rock

I thought this movie was pretty awesome the first time I saw it and like most Jerry Bruckheimer productions, I wasn’t as big a fan the next few times.   Still though, Ed Harris did a pretty solid job staying in his military character.   He’s very somber, stubborn, and almost monotone.   I liked him in this movie.



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  1. I have to cast a vote for Alan Rickman’s Hans Gruber or Ralph Fiennes Valdemoor from Harry Potter. Not the traditional modern day terrorist, but nevertheless a terrorist intent on world domination using acts of terror.

    Gruber is the one that I have always remembered.

    Although I really like Dennis Hopper, his portrayal of the villain in Speed seemed a bit campy.

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