A Tintin Cosplay Win

For whatever reason, I never did get around to seeing the Peter Jackson/Steven Spielberg attempt at bringing Tintin to the big screen, despite the fact that I grew up loving the Belgian book series more than anything.

Perhaps I’ll give it a go when it hits Netflix, but until then here’s one young fan who saw the film and liked it enough to represent for a new generation. It’s a pitch perfect costume, right down the Snowy, and he looks far less creepy than the CGI version we recently saw onscreen.

Are they making another one? It made 373K worldwide, but with CGI and marketing I’m not sure if that’s actually profitable.

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  1. Saw it this weekend. It was a lot better than I thought. I typically like my movies to be bloody and raw. This film was able to capture the essence of action while still remain PG but in a good way.

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