Just How Much has Godzilla Grown Since First Appearing On Screen?

If you really think about it, Godzilla is more than likely one of the most recognized characters throughout the film industry. It has had many different adaptations created over the years, instilling new fears and thrills for audiences all across the world. Since its breakout in the entertainment industry way back in the ’50s, Godzilla has both grown in size and terror, allowing it to adapt, as we said before, and appeal to new audiences as times continue to change. If you don’t believe that Godzilla has changed exponentially throughout the last few decades, don’t take our word for it. Watch this Evolution of Godzilla video that shows size comparisons for the creature as the years have passed; You can’t check out the post below to see the video for yourself:

Our first introduction of the creature named Godzilla came back in 1954, where the it reached a height of about 164 feet tall. From the ’50s all the way through to the early ’80s, we saw little to no change when it came to the features and height of the monster. Then, in 1984, Godzilla finally got a boost in height, becoming around 262 feet tall, and standing taller than the Statue of Liberty in comparison. The character’s appearance and height continued to fluctuate all throughout the ’90s and , even becoming a burning creature in 1994. However, one of the more drastic adaptation of Godzilla that we saw came in 1998, when ‘Zilla’ was created, looking more like a raptor than the terrifying creature we are so familiar with.

Then, once the Millennium hit, we saw Godzilla return to his original state, back down to that 164 foot mark in height, and with original characteristics as well; But, as the 2010’s came along, so did the need for bigger, better, and scarier, leading to Godzilla adaptations that came to heights of almost 330 feet. Finally, when it comes to the drastic evolutions of the character itself, nothing is more strange than the year of 2017. During this year, we saw Godzilla in two different forms, the first being an original height of yet again 164 feet tall, and then a creature so terrifying that it stretched higher than the Empire State Building at a whopping 1043 feet tall!

This video shows one of the best evolutionary chains that you can see of Godzilla has it has grown and adapted over the course of many decades

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