An Awesome Gallery of Final Fantasy Cosplay


It’s time for another cosplay gallery.  What better way to start off a Monday morning than to take a look at young adults dressed up as their favorite video game characters?  Surely, you’ll be feeling better about yourself in no time.  Viewing a cosplay gallery is like receiving an injection of self-esteem, similar to watching an episode of Jerry Springer.  Admittedly, though, some cosplay costumes are pretty impressive, and some of the female cosplayers are quite attractive.  There’s no shortage of Final Fantasy cosplayers, so after the jump, take a look at an awesome gallery of Final Fantasy cosplay:


Is it just me, or does the person all the way on the right look like James Iha from the Smashing Pumpkin?  Probably just me.


I think the person on the far left was drugged and forced to participate.


This Auron costume is pretty sweet, especially the sword.  I want to wear this entire getup the next time I appear in court.


More Auron action.  I imagine it’s be pretty cumbersome trying to eat or go to the bathroom in that costume.


Fame!!!!  I wanna live forever!!!  I wanna….


Fran’s got a fantastic tush.


I’m more interested in the black mage on the right.  He looks like one of the Abu Ghraib prisoners.


A hella impressive Rikku costume.  This girl is adorable.


Marry me.  I’ll be your slave.

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  1. The guy playing Auron in the fifth picture… I know him. O_O I can’t for the life of me remember his name but he’s a friend of the person I went to that con — A-kon — with.

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