An Amazing Super Mario Bros. Wedding Invitiation

What better way to announce you’re marrying the person you love than to send out invitations to your friends and family that reflect your mutual love for Super Mario Bros.? Don’t even tell me these people don’t read Unreality, they’re just our type!

Anyway, it’s a lot cooler than it sounds, and it’s more than just what you see above. These invites are intricately designed, employing 8-bit art in a really cool way, right down the cards that have you select what sort of meal you want. And did I mention you get gold coins too? It’s too good to be true.

You can check out the full unboxing process below, and feel free to steal the concept for your own nuptials. These were made by Larry T. Quach.

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  1. Wow, gotta admit that that is pretty clever, I just got married in June and know kinda wish I did something along those lines. But then again, those cards x200people would probably be at least $2000….yeah never mind.

    But kudos to the people that did do that.

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