A Pixar Artist Takes on Pro Football Matchups

Pixar NFL 22

What’s a Pixar artist to do when there are no movies to be sketched out? Why, turn his attention to the NFL, of course. That’s exactly what Pixar’s Austin Madison has done with this fantastic series that imagines real life battles between the famed mascots of pro football teams (and one or two college ones to boot).

Above you have the Saints versus the Panthers, and that should give you an idea of what to expect from the rest of the gallery. They’re littered with pop culture references, or just plain good animation. There are a surprising amount of jungle cat mascots in the NFL.

I don’t follow football enough to know if these actually depict the real end results of games, but it does usually show one side winning over the other. Let me know if they’re accurate.

Pixar NFL 7


Middle click to quickly open each picture in a new tab.

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  1. The picture labeled “Pixar NFL 18,” with the st louis cardinals and san fransisco giants, is baseball. These pictures have all been floating around imgur the past couple days and I’ve had to scratch my head at that one every time. The guy draws over 20 fantasy football pictures and for some reason throws in one baseball drawing?

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