Cool Star Wars Paintings from the Blu-Ray

I love Star Wars, but I’m not a big enough fan to shell out $80 for the box set Blu-ray, even if I do own a PS3 now. Oh crap, I just realized my TV is only 720p. I thought I’d neeeever buy a PS3 or blu-ray player when I bought it. Oh well, the games still look good.

Anyway, I am missing out on a few things from the blu-ray, including this series of art from Tony Hsu that he did specifically for the set. He took various characters from both the new and old trilogies and rendered them in a style that is worthy of hanging on your wall. Unfortunately I don’t think they’re for sale, as if you bought one George Lucas would drive to your house and stomp on it in front of you, but they’re still cool to check out.

See the full gallery below. We need a Slave Leia Hsu!

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