Jack Nicholson Gets Amped for “Here’s Johnny”

Usually behind the scenes material works best in either picture or video form, and I can’t say I’ve seen a hybrid (a GIF) which has done a moment justice to date.

But this one? It shows Jack Nicholson getting amped before one of the most famous scenes in Hollywood horror history, “Here’s Johnny!” Getting into the mindset of a crazed killer obviously takes some intensity, and it’s just cool to see in a few second clip like this one.

It’s now understandable why (Taxi Driver’s) Robert De Niro was deemed “not psychotic enough for the role” when you see this.

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  1. Oh man, this gif doesn’t do it justice. For about 5-6 minutes before this we see Jack just being Jack. Kubrick’s daughter was on set recording some BTS stuff. We see Jack talking to her casually in his dressing/hotel room. He goes to brush his teeth and she asks him why, so he goes into a whole speech about how he goes that extra mile as an actor so that when he gets back on set everyone will think “Oh, that Jack sure thinks of everything”.

    Then about a minute later he lights up a cigarette, lol.

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