The Beauty of Skyfall

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Many of you might not have been sure what I meant when I said that Skyfall was a “beautiful” film. I mean, it’s a Bond movie after all, how gorgeous can it really be?

The answer? Very. Sam Mendes did a phenomenal job with light, color and shadow in the film, and this gallery assembled by ProudWhatever showcases that.

Attention to detail is what made this film great, and the best Bond movie in years. I know you’re super excited for Twilight tomorrow, but if you can pry yourself away, go see Skyfall if you haven’t yet. Check out the gallery below if you’re still not convinced.

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  1. The movie was great. Excellent Bond. Excellent execution. But… I’m still suffering from the Casino Royale syndrome. That movie had such a stellar story, cast, and execution that it seems like an impossible act to to follow. Really, those two movies are like apples and oranges. I should just stop comparing and go with it.

  2. Sam Mendes is a brilliant film maker, and I can’t wait to see this! Though I’d say it’s more Roger Deakins that did the phenomenal job with light, color and shadow :p

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