10 of the Most Amazing Monologues in War Movies


There have been lots of articles on motivational speeches in movies.  Many come from sports movies, or even movies that contain war.  But I haven’t seen too many articles dedicated to war movies.  And quite honestly, there’s some amazing speeches and monologues in war related movies that are worth mentioning.

From Braveheart’s “Freedom” speech to the opening marine scene in Full Metal Jacket, here are 10 of the most amazing monologues in war movies.

William Wallace Braveheart Speech

Patton Speech


300 Call to Battle

Smell of Napalm

Aragon’s Speech at the Black Gate


Henry V St. Crispin’s Day Speech

Gladiator Opening Battle Scene


Full Metal Jacket


Horrock’s Speech in a Bridge Too Far

Schindler’s List:  The War is Over


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  1. There’s no real coherence to the list. It would make more sense if you limited the list to rousing pre-battle speeches, or to reflections on war, or to some meaningful genre of “War Movie Monologue”

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