A Deck of Thrones

Want your Game of Thrones a little more literal? Then how about making the show into an actual playing card deck? It’s a very cool concept, and one executed very well by Jim Tuckwell. He’s taken some iconic GoT characters and given them their own face cards as you can see above and below.

Unfortunately no, there are not 52 cards you can sift through covering every major and minor character, but there are two more to be seen that have Tyrion as the Jack of Diamonds and Daeneyrs as the Queen of Clubs. I would have said hearts, but that’s just me. Theon Greyjoy can be the two of spades for being a turd.

Check out the rest of the cards below, and more of Tuckwell’s work on his blog.

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  1. sorry. that’s Stannis’ rather unattractive zealot wife, for those who haven’t read the books.

    from Tower of the Hand:
    Physical Description: She is tall and thin with big ears, a pointed nose, and the hint of a mustache on her upper lip. She has pale eyes.

    again: *shudder*

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