If Game of Thrones Was an Anime

What you see before you is about 1/15th of a very, very long image that imagines what Game of Thrones might look like as an anime instead of a book series or fabulous HBO show. Artist Joscomie spans all the existing books. I was worried about possible spoilers when scrolling down, but I’ll be damned if I know what the hell is happening in most of what I’m seeing here.

Someone has a harp? Someone plays chess? There’s a blue pterodactyl dragon? I have no idea, but don’t tell me what it all means, I’ll just wait until like season eight when I can get all the questions answered for myself.

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  1. Funny how after struggling over this for several minutes trying to ID everyone, I see they’re all labelled faintly. I got most of them, minus a few of the B-tier females like Lyanna Stark, Selyse Baratheon, and Shae. I agree Brienne should have been here. She’s significant.

  2. Oh I should mention this, but I won’t point it out. The only spoiler I see is a fairly mild one. Although it might not be recognizable without the context.

  3. Reek and Rhaegar look amazing. Jaime looks stupid imo. Wish Barristan looked different, but eh. All in all, that picture is badass and I wish this was a real thing.

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